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adrian  committed 6f2d0ca

[PATCH] packages: Use expand-file-name to init bench-*-lisp-file <elpiyrye.fsf@ecf.teradyne.com>

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+2001-09-08  Adrian Aichner  <adrian@xemacs.org>
+	* bench.el (bench-large-lisp-file): Use expand-file-name instead
+	of concat to build path.
+	* bench.el (bench-small-lisp-file): Ditto.
 2001-09-04  Jeff Mincy  <jeff@delphioutpost.com>  
 	* hide-copyleft.el (hide-copyleft-region): Make it interactive.

File bench.el

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 			  (substring rcsvers 11 (- (length rcsvers) 2)))
   "*Version number of bench.el")
-(defconst bench-large-lisp-file (concat (temp-directory) "./bench-large.el")
+(defconst bench-large-lisp-file (expand-file-name
+                                 "bench-large.el" (temp-directory))
   "Large lisp file to use in benchmarks should be /temp-dir/bench-text.el")
-(defconst bench-small-lisp-file (concat (temp-directory) "./bench-small.el")
+(defconst bench-small-lisp-file (expand-file-name
+                                 "bench-small.el" (temp-directory))
   "Large lisp file to use in benchmarks should be /temp-dir/bench-text.el")
 (defconst bench-lisp-file bench-large-lisp-file)