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2002-03-04 Steve Youngs <>

* patch-keywords.el: Update 'Commentary'.
(patch-keywords): Update doc string.
(patch-keywords-insert-vm): Update doc string.

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 2002-03-04  Steve Youngs  <>
 	* patch-keywords.el: Conditionalise key binding on choice of MUA.
+	Update 'Commentary'.
 	(patch-keywords-insert-vm): New.
 	(patch-keywords-insert-gnus): New, renamed from
 	(patch-review-mua): Enable VM.
+	(patch-keywords): Update doc string.
+	(patch-keywords-insert-vm): Update doc string.
 2002-02-25  Didier Verna  <>

File patch-keywords.el

 ;; Author:        Steve Youngs <>
 ;; Maintainer:    Steve Youngs <>
 ;; Created:       2002-01-14
-;; Last-Modified: <2002-03-04 02:42:20 (steve)>
+;; Last-Modified: <2002-03-04 07:18:01 (steve)>
 ;; Keywords:      maint
 ;; This file is part of XEmacs
 ;;  "keywords" can later be used as an aid to patch tracking.
 ;;  At this stage, this file is probably only useful to anyone who
-;;  reviews patches submitted to <> (and is
-;;  using Gnus for email).
+;;  reviews patches submitted to <>.
-;;  To use: simply add '(require 'patch-keywords)' to your
-;;  '~/.xemacs/init.el' and then when you are following up to a patch
-;;  submission (in `message-mode') hitting 'M-p' will prompt you for
-;;  the keywords you wish to add to the message.
+;;  To use: 
+;;    - M-x customize-group RET patch-review RET
+;;       Change things to your liking.
+;;    - (require 'patch-keywords)
+;;       In your ~/.xemacs/init.el
+;;  Then when your are following up to a patch submission, just hit
+;;  'M-p'.  You'll be prompted for the keywords to apply to the
+;;  message.  You can use the history mechanism to select keywords.
+;;  Enter a null keyword (just hit 'RET') to terminate the list of
+;;  keywords.
 ;;  The keywords are added to 3 separate places in the message.
 ;;    - In abbreviated form (1st character of each keyword) enclosed
   "List of keywords used for reviewing patches.
 The default values are the keywords currently used by the XEmacs
-Review Board.  There is a slight inconsistency here because \"4\"
-and \"5\" are not complete keywords.  They represent \"21.4\" and
-\"21.5\" respectively.  They are cut down here for the convenience
-of a `replace-match'."
+Review Board."
   :group 'patch-review
   :type '(repeat (string :tag "Review Action Keyword"))
   :tag "Action Keywords")
 history mechanism.
 Insert abbreviated (1st char) keywords at the beginning of the subject
-header.  Full keywords into the \"X-Reviewer-Action:\" header, if
-present, and also at the start of the message body.
+header.  Full keywords into the \"X-Reviewer-Action:\" header, and
+also at the start of the message body.
 This function also sets followups to"