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fix quoting error in Makefile

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+2001-01-11  Steve Youngs  <>
+	* Makefile: Proper GNU Makefile quoting. eg change ($(foo),'') to 
+	('$(foo)','')
 2001-01-10  Steve Youngs  <>
 	* package-compile.el (package-directory-map): Added eshell & pcomplete.
 World: distclean install
 install: all
-ifneq ($(MULE_PACKAGES),'')
+ifneq ('$(MULE_PACKAGES)','')
 	for dir in $(MULE_PACKAGES); do \
 		$(MAKE) STAGING=$(MULE_STAGING) $(MFLAGS) -C $${dir} install; \
-ifneq ($(XEMACS_PACKAGES),'')
+ifneq ('$(XEMACS_PACKAGES)','')
 	for dir in $(XEMACS_PACKAGES); do \
 		$(MAKE) STAGING=$(XEMACS_STAGING) $(MFLAGS) -C $${dir} install; \
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