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pre-release cc-mode

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 da4e7d4a51c502e5ac05a224cb756f382f0ba4d7 xemacs-packages/c-support
 11074b3808d1e349f3fddb3c4d50f8be7c0f859e xemacs-packages/calc
 7524e4fb9de45d77812090a724fac4ebd7549d6e xemacs-packages/calendar
-8049c203893b1808307707a3bab2155dcb2f7f17 xemacs-packages/cc-mode
+0c31562f87fd76a707124ecddba15835454e25d9 xemacs-packages/cc-mode
 a7ae1cfb2376bcd32617c1c88afe08872b11d298 xemacs-packages/cedet-common
 87dd21fac17ea98219267b1378b4696698d6c4ff xemacs-packages/clearcase
 e18acdbfcd36295d052cd56fa2e6d78c68b4b7d4 xemacs-packages/cogre
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