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Add Tramp package to Package Admin files.

Sync Tramp to latest author version

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File package-compile.el

     ("tm" . "xemacs-packages")
     ("tooltalk" . "xemacs-packages")
     ("tpu" . "xemacs-packages")
+    ("tramp" . "xemacs-packages")
     ("vc" . "xemacs-packages")
     ("vc-cc" . "xemacs-packages")
     ("vhdl" . "xemacs-packages")
 	  ((or (equal package "w3") 
 	       (equal package "bbdb") 
 	       (equal package "jde")
+	       (equal package "tramp")
 	       (equal package "lookup"))
 	   (expand-file-name "lisp" (file-name-as-directory dir)))
 	  ((equal package "mew")

File xemacs-packages/Makefile

 	xslt-process eterm igrep ilisp os-utils ps-print-nomule view-process \
 	eshell pcomplete edit-utils speedbar calc calendar forms frame-icon \
 	hm--html-menus ispell pc psgml sgml slider text-modes time \
-	strokes
+	strokes tramp
 include ../iterate.rules