xemacs-packages / Local.rules.mk

___ := $(error XEMACS_PACKAGES_BASE not defined??)

___ := $(shell [ -f ${XEMACS_PACKAGES_BASE}/Local.rules ] && echo exists)

Local.rules : ${XEMACS_PACKAGES_BASE}/Local.rules
.PHONY : Local.rules

${XEMACS_PACKAGES_BASE}/Local.rules : ${XEMACS_PACKAGES_BASE}/Local.rules.template
ifneq (${___},exists)
	command := $(shell cp -p $< $@)
	$(error You must edit "$(notdir $@)" and customize it for this build host.)
	$(error "$(notdir $<)" has been updated or is newer than "$(notdir $@)".  Merge the changes into your "$(notdir $@)".)
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