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 							-*- indented-text -*-
+to 19.16 -- "Nancy"
+-- about.el touch up, new faces, new entries
+-- BSD build fix
+-- Irix build fix
 to 19.16 -- "Bordeaux"
 -- about.el touch up
 -- TM and MH-e PGP problem documented in PROBLEMS


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     (w3-hrvoje   . "")
     (w3-upa      . "")
     ;; add more here
+    (w3-ajc	 . "")
   "Mappings between xref symbols and URLs")
 			       ((eq xref 'jens) "About Jens Lautenbacher")
 			       ((eq xref 'vin) "About Vin Shelton")
 			       ((eq xref 'dkindred) "About Darrell Kindred")
+			       ((eq xref 'ajc) "About Andrew Cosgriff")
+			       ((eq xref 'rickc) "About Rick Campbell")
+			       ((eq xref 'thiessel) "About Marcus Thiessel")
 			       ((eq xref 'others) "About Everyone")
 			       ((eq xref 'features) "New XEmacs Features")
 			       ((eq xref 'history) "XEmacs History")
 	  (about-xref "here" prev-page "Return to previous page")
 	  (insert " to go back to the previous page.\n")
+	 ((eq xref 'rickc)
+	  (about-face "Rick Campbell" 'bold)
+	  (insert " <>
+	The hacker formerly known as Rick Busdiecker develops and maintains
+	libraries for financial applications at Lehman Brothers during
+	daylight hours.  In the evenings he maintains three children, and
+	when he ought to be sleeping he co-maintains ILISP, builds XEmacs
+	betas, and tinkers with various personal hacking projects.\n")
+	  (insert "\n\n\tClick ")
+	  (about-xref "here" prev-page "Return to previous page")
+	  (insert " to go back to the previous page.\n")
+	  )
 	 ((eq xref 'vladimir)
 	  (about-face "Vladimir Ivanovic" 'bold)
 	  (insert " <>
 	  (insert " to go back to the previous page.\n")
+	 ((eq xref 'thiessel)
+	  (about-face "Marcus Thiessel" 'bold)
+	  (insert " <>
+	On May 1, 1996 he started working at University of Kaiserslautern in
+	the field of computer aided analog circuit design. His
+	responsibilities include the development and design of a CAD-Tool for
+	analog integrated circuits with special emphasis on distributed
+	software concepts.
+	When all the daily hacking is done he tries to take care of XEmacs
+	website at <>.\n")
+	  (insert ".\n\n\tClick ")
+	  (about-xref "here" prev-page "Return to previous page")
+	  (insert " to go back to the previous page.\n")
+	  )
+	 ((eq xref 'ajc)
+	  (about-face "Andrew Cosgriff" 'bold)
+	  (insert " <>
+	When not helping maintain the XEmacs website, Andrew is a Network
+	Software Engineer(tm) for Monash University in Australia, maintaining
+	webservers and doing random other things.  As well as spending spare
+	time being an Eager Young Space Cadet and fiddling with XEmacs/Gnus
+	et. al., he spends his time pursuing, among other things, a Life.
+	Some of this currently involves doing an A-Z (by country) of
+	restaurants with friends, and has, in the past, involved dyeing his
+	hair various colours.
+	See ")
+	  (about-xref ""
+		      'w3-ajc "Visit Andrew's WWW page")
+	  (insert ".\n\n\tClick ")
+	  (about-xref "here" prev-page "Return to previous page")
+	  (insert " to go back to the previous page.\n")
+	  )
 	 ((eq xref 'others)
 	  (insert "Click ")
 	  (about-xref "here" 'about "Return to previous page")
 	  detached minibuffer code, as well as a few minor enhancements to
 	  the menubar options.
+	") (about-xref "Marcus Thiessel" 'thiessel "Find out more about Marcus Thiessel") (insert " <>
+	  Marcus is one of the XEmacs Webmasters.
 	") (about-xref "Darrell Kindred" 'dkindred "Find out more about Darrell Kindred") (insert " <>
 	  Long-time bug tracker and exterminator for XEmacs and 
           Lucid Emacs.
+	") (about-xref "Andrew Cosgriff" 'ajc "Find out more about Andrew Cosgriff") (insert " <>
+	  Andrew is one of the XEmacs Webmasters.
+	") (about-xref "Rick Campbell" 'rickc "Find out more about Rick Campbell") (insert " <>
+	  The hacker formerly named Rick Busdiecker, author of ILISP.
+	Anthony Rossini <>
+	  Author of the first XEmacs FAQ, as well as minor priest in
+	  the movement to get every statistician in the world to use
+	  XEmacs for statistical programming and data analysis.
+	  Current development lead for ESS (Emacs Speaks Statistics),
+	  a mode and inferior mode for statistical programming and
+	  data analysis for SAS, S, S-PLUS, R, XLispStat; configurable
+	  for nearly any other statistical language/package one might
+	  want.  In spare time, acts as a Ph.D. (bio)statistician for
+	  money and amusement.  Current position: Assistant Professor
+	  of Statistics at the University of South Carolina.
 	Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart <>
 	  Author of EOS, a package included in the standard XEmacs
 	  distribution that integrates XEmacs with the SPARCworks
 	  Rick Braumoeller <>
 	  Matthew J. Brown <>
 	  Alastair Burt <>
-	  Rick Busdiecker <>
 	  Richard Caley <>
 	  Stephen Carney <>
 	  Philippe Charton <>
 	  Serenella Ciongoli <>
 	  Richard Cognot <>
 	  Andy Cohen <>
-	  Andrew J Cosgriff <>
 	  Nick J. Crabtree <>
 	  Christopher Davis <>
 	  Soren Dayton <>
 	  Jerry Frain <>
 	  Benjamin Fried <>
 	  Barry Friedman <>
+	  Noah Friedman  <>
 	  Lew Gaiter III <>
 	  Itay Gat <>
 	  Tim Geisler <>
   "Non-nil when this is a test (beta) version of XEmacs.
 Warning, this variable did not exist in XEmacs versions prior to 20.3")
-(defconst xemacs-codename "Bordeaux"
+(defconst xemacs-codename "Nancy"
   "Symbolic name of XEmacs build.
 Warning, this variable did not exist in XEmacs versions prior to 19.16
 and 20.3")
 #define BSD 199103
 #elif __FreeBSD__ == 2
 #define BSD 199306
+#elif __FreeBSD__ == 3
+#define BSD     199506