XEmacs / CHANGES-beta

Diff from to


+to 21.2.45 "Thelxepeia"
+-- lib-src Makefile fixes -- Martin Buchholz
+-- startup path fixes -- Michael Sperber
+-- Port FSF 20.7 syntax table improvements -- Matt Tucker
+-- --pdump now works with HP-UX native cc -- Martin Buchholz
+-- copy-file now works correctly with non-ascii filenames -- Martin Buchholz
+-- More pdump improvements -- Martin Buchholz
+-- Prefer more standard utime() to utimes() -- Martin Buchholz
 to 21.2.44 "Thalia"
 -- Upgrade to etags 14.15 -- Francesco Potorti
 -- XEmacs now works on Unixware 7 -- Martin Buchholz
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