XEmacs / CHANGES-beta

Diff from to


 							-*- indented-text -*-
+to 20.2 beta1
+-- W3-3.0.83 courtesy of William Perry
+-- edmacro.el-3.09 courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic
+-- live-icon.el-1.3 courtesy of Karl Hegbloom
+-- values setf method
+-- miscellaneous bug fixes
+-- verilog.el-2.25 courtesy of Michael McNamara
+-- tpu-edt.el modifications for zmacs region compatibility courtesy of
+   Kevin Oberman.
+-- custom-1.89 courtesy of Per Abrahamsen
+-- etags.c-11.83 courtesy of F. Potorti`
+-- Mega Customizations courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic
+-- "C" balloon help courtesy of Douglas Keller (experimental - placeholder)
+-- update version numbers
+[XEmacs 20.1 was never released to the net]
 to 20.1
 -- facemenu.el boo boo.
 -- VM-6.27
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