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 variable CFLAGS is consulted.  If that is also undefined, CFLAGS
 defaults to "-g -O" for gcc and "-g" for all other compilers.
-The `--with-gnu-make' option specifies that Makefiles should be
-written to take advantage of special features of GNU Make.  GNU Make
-works fine on Makefiles even without this option.  This flag just
-allows for simultaneous in-place and --srcdir building.
 The `--dynamic' option specifies that configure should try to link
 emacs dynamically rather than statically.
 the command.  See the section below called `MAKE VARIABLES' for more
 information on this.
+Using GNU Make allows for simultaneous builds with and without the
+--srcdir option.
 8) If your system uses lock files to interlock access to mailer inbox files,
 then you might need to make the movemail program setuid or setgid
 to enable it to write the lock files.  We believe this is safe.