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 * Q11.2.7::   Testing patches with Mercurial Queues.
 @end menu
+@unnumberedsec 11.0: The XEmacs repositories
 @node Q11.0.1, Q11.0.2, Bleeding Edge, Bleeding Edge
 @unnumberedsubsec Where is the most recent XEmacs development code?
 @xref{Q11.2.1, What is Mercurial?}.
+@unnumberedsec 11.1: Working with CVS
 @node Q11.1.1, Q11.2.1, Q11.0.5, Bleeding Edge
 @unnumberedsubsec How do I keep cool using CVS?
 For help using CVS, Google or ask on @email{xemacs-beta@@xemacs.org}.
 Please update this FAQ with one or two of the best references you find.
+@unnumberedsec 11.1: Working with Mercurial
 @node Q11.2.1, Q11.2.2, Q11.1.1, Bleeding Edge
 @unnumberedsubsec What is Mercurial?
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