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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Mats Lidell
Changed bulk of GPLv2 or later files identified by script
Jerry James
Use giflib or libungif to provide GIF support, instead of using internal routines. Delete internal GIF support code with no stated license. Fix up a number of references in the documentation to GIF support. See discussion on xemacs-beta: <87iqg4vg9t.fsf@uwakimon.sk.tsukuba.ac.jp>.
Spelling fixes.
[xemacs-hg @ 2006-05-09 05:15:15 by stephent] Improve beta Info. <87ody7n5k6.fsf@tleepslib.sk.tsukuba.ac.jp>
[xemacs-hg @ 2005-03-10 11:44:17 by malcolmp] Autoconf 2.5 documentation updates.
[xemacs-hg @ 2005-02-03 06:14:40 by stephent] fix build, minor improvements <87651a41d4.fsf@tleepslib.sk.tsukuba.ac.jp>
[xemacs-hg @ 2005-01-31 20:08:32 by ben] Documentation updates GETTING.GNU.SOFTWARE, Makefile.in.in: Delete GETTING.GNU.SOFTWARE from SOURCES. PROBLEMS: Delete reference to check_cygwin_setup.sh. Delete stuff that is irrelevant, mislocated or woefully out-of-date. GNU, SERVICE: Delete. * ORDERS, ORDERS.EUROPE, ORDERS.JAPAN: Delete. * CHARSETS, CODINGS: Delete. * DEBUG, LPF, MORE.STUFF, MOTIVATION: Delete. aliases.ksh: Delete. (moved to xemacs-builds/stev…