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XEmacs / lib-src / make-mswin-unicode.pl

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Mats Lidell
Changed bulk of GPLv2 or later files identified by script
Vin Shelton
Fix Visual Studio 6 build
Ben Wing
fix compile problems in intl-encap* under VS6 -------------------- ChangeLog entries follow: -------------------- lib-src/ChangeLog addition: 2010-01-30 Ben Wing <ben@xemacs.org> * make-mswin-unicode.pl: Make it possible to specify an overridden prototype in cases where either Cygwin or Visual Studio has errors in their headers that can be corrected by falling back to a less qualified type (typically without const). src/ChangeLog a…
Ben Wing
add "review" lines in intl-encap-win32.c for all unseen functions in processed headers -------------------- ChangeLog entries follow: -------------------- lib-src/ChangeLog addition: 2010-01-15 Ben Wing <ben@xemacs.org> * make-mswin-unicode.pl: Process the command `review'. Cause an error to happen if we try to use the command, indicating that the command needs review to determine how to handle it. src/ChangeLog addition: 2010-01-15 Ben Wing <ben@xemacs.org> * intl-e…
Ben Wing
regenerate intl-auto-encap-win32.c, now possible from Cygwin /usr/include/w32api headers
Aidan Kehoe
Check %WindowsSdkDir%, %MSSddk% for the Windows header files too. 2008-05-21 Aidan Kehoe <kehoea@parhasard.net> * make-mswin-unicode.pl: Check %WindowsSdkDir%, %MSSddk% for the Windows header files too.
[xemacs-hg @ 2006-12-08 02:21:53 by vins] Added Benson Margulies's patch to avoid the dreaded: "File not found and directory write-protected" message under Windows.
[xemacs-hg @ 2004-11-04 23:05:23 by ben] commit mega-patch configure.in: Turn off -Winline and -Wchar-subscripts. Use the right set of cflags when compiling modules. Rewrite ldap configuration to separate the inclusion of lber (needed in recent Cygwin) from the basic checks for the needed libraries. add a function for MAKE_JUNK_C; initially code was added to generate xemacs.def using this, but it will need to be rewritten. add an rm -f for junk.c t…
[xemacs-hg @ 2002-03-31 08:27:14 by ben] more fixes, first crack at finishing behavior implementation TODO.ben-mule-21-5: Update. configure.in: Fix for new error-checking types. make-mswin-unicode.pl: Don't be fucked up by CRLF. Output code to force errors when nonintercepted Windows calls issued. behavior.el, dumped-lisp.el, menubar-items.el: Add support for saving using custom. Load into a dumped XEmacs. Correct :title to :short-doc in accordance with behavior-defs.el. Add a submenu unde…
[xemacs-hg @ 2002-03-16 10:38:59 by ben] cm.c, file-coding.c: fix warnings. .cvsignore: Those pesky *.tmp files. mule\arabic.el, mule\canna-leim.el, mule\china-util.el, mule\chinese.el, mule\cyril-util.el, mule\cyrillic.el, mule\devan-util.el, mule\devanagari.el, mule\english.el, mule\ethio-util.el, mule\ethiopic.el, mule\european.el, mule\greek.el, mule\hebrew.el, mule\indian.el, mule\japan-util.el, mule\japanese.el, mule\korea-util.el, mule\korean.el, mule\lao-util.el,…
[xemacs-hg @ 2002-03-13 08:51:24 by ben] The big ben-mule-21-5 check-in! Various files were added and deleted. See CHANGES-ben-mule. There are still some test suite failures. No crashes, though. Many of the failures have to do with problems in the test suite itself rather than in the actual code. I'll be addressing these in the next day or so -- none of the test suite failures are at all critical. Meanwhile I'll be trying to address the biggest issues -- i.e. build or run failures, which will almost certainly happen on various platforms. All comments should be sent to ben@xemacs.org -- use a Cc: if necessary when sending to mailing lists. There will be pre- and post- tags, something like pre-ben-mule-21-5-merge-in, and post-ben-mule-21-5-merge-in.