XEmacs / lib-src / tcp.c

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Mats Lidell
Rebase with 21.5 trunk.
Michael Sperber
Convert lib-src/ to GPLv3.
Stephen Turnbull
More permission consistency.
[xemacs-hg @ 2002-08-29 19:45:20 by james] Include syssignal.h instead of signal.h. Move NSIG setting code for SVR4 to syssignal.h.
[xemacs-hg @ 2001-06-10 10:42:16 by ben] ------ signal-code changes ------ data.c, device-tty.c, emacs.c, floatfns.c, linuxplay.c, nas.c, process-unix.c, signal.c, sunplay.c, sysdep.c, syssignal.h: use EMACS_SIGNAL everywhere instead of playing preprocessing games with signal(). s\windowsnt.h, s\mingw32.h, syssignal.h: Remove mswindows signal code from s+m headers and move to syssignal.h as one of the five ways of signal handling, instead of playing preprocessing games. fileio.c, sysdep.c: Rename sys_do_signal to qxe_reliable_signal. signal.c, process-unix.c, profile.c: Create set_timeout_signal(); use instead of just EMACS_SIGNAL to establish a signal handler on a timeout signal; this does special things under Cygwin. nt.c: Eliminate term_ntproc(), which is blank; used as a SIG… ------ other changes ------ s\mingw32.h: Fix problems with NOT_C_CODE being in the wrong place and excluding defines needed when building filelock.c, mule-canna.c, mule-ccl.c, mule-ccl.h, ralloc.c, unexalpha.c, unexapollo.c, unexcw.c, unexelfsgi.c, unexnt.c, unexsni.c, s\aix3-1.h, s\bsd4-1.h, s\bsd4-2.h, s\bsd4-3.h, s\cxux.h, s\cygwin32.h, s\dgux.h, s\dgux5-4r2.h, s\dgux5-4r3.h…
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