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	   XEmacs availability information.  Last Modified: 1999-11-08

XEmacs is available via anonymous FTP from ftp.xemacs.org (
in the directory /pub/xemacs/.

ftp.xemacs.org is the primary distribution point, but you may find
copies of it at other sites as well.  Some sites to try include:
* North America

     o Canada
          + ftp://ftp.crc.ca/pub/packages/editors/xemacs/
          + ftp://sunsite.ualberta.ca/pub/Mirror/xemacs/
     o United States
          + ftp://uiarchive.uiuc.edu/pub/packages/xemacs/
          + ftp://metalab.unc.edu/pub/packages/editors/xemacs/
          + ftp://ftp.sunsite.utk.edu/pub/xemacs/

* South America

     o Brazil
          + ftp://ftp.unicamp.br/pub/xemacs/

* Europe

     o Austria
          + ftp://gd.tuwien.ac.at/editors/xemacs/
     o Denmark
          + ftp://sunsite.auc.dk/pub/emacs/xemacs/
     o England
          + ftp://sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk/packages/xemacs/
     o Finland
          + ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/mirrors/ftp.xemacs.org/pub/tux/xemacs/
     o France
          + ftp://ftp.pasteur.fr/pub/computing/xemacs/
          + ftp://ftp.cenatls.cena.dgac.fr/Emacs/xemacs/
     o Germany
          + ftp://ftp.tu-darmstadt.de/pub/editors/xemacs/
     o Hungary
          + ftp://ftp.kfki.hu/pub/packages/xemacs/
     o Ireland
          + ftp://ftp.eunet.ie/mirrors/ftp.xemacs.org/pub/xemacs/
     o Italy
          + ftp://ftp.uniroma2.it/unix/misc/dist/XEMACS/
     o Norway
          + ftp://sunsite.uio.no/pub/xemacs
     o Poland
          + ftp://ftp.icm.edu.pl/pub/unix/editors/xemacs/
     o Russia
          + ftp://ftp.srcc.msu.su/mirror/ftp.xemacs.org/
     o Sweden
          + ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/gnu/xemacs/
     o Switzerland
          + ftp://sunsite.cnlab-switch.ch/mirror/xemacs/

* Asia

     o Japan
          + ftp://ftp.netlab.is.tsukuba.ac.jp/pub/GNU/xemacs/
          + ftp://ftp.jaist.ac.jp/pub/GNU/xemacs/
          + ftp://ring.aist.go.jp/pub/text/xemacs/
          + ftp://ring.asahi-net.or.jp/pub/text/xemacs/
          + ftp://sunsite.sut.ac.jp/pub/archives/packages/xemacs/
          + ftp://ftp.dti.ad.jp/pub/unix/editor/xemacs/
          + ftp://mirror.nucba.ac.jp/mirror/xemacs/
     o Korea
          + ftp://ftp.kreonet.re.kr/pub/tools/emacs/xemacs/
     o Taiwan
          + ftp://coda.nctu.edu.tw/Editors/xemacs/

* Africa

     o South Africa
          + ftp://ftp.sun.ac.za/xemacs/

* Middle East

     o Saudi Arabia
          + ftp://ftp.isu.net.sa/pub/mirrors/ftp.xemacs.org/

* Australia

     o ftp://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/pub/xemacs

The most up-to-date list of distribution sites can always be found on
the XEmacs WWW page, http://www.xemacs.org/.  Try to pick a site that
is networkologically close to you.  If you know of other mirrors of
the XEmacs archives, please send us mail and we will list them here as

There are mailing lists and newsgroups specifically for discussing and
reporting bugs in XEmacs; see the file MAILINGLISTS in this directory.


	How to get GNU Software by Internet FTP or by UUCP: 

The XEmacs project is separate from and not managed by the GNU
project.  The latest GNU project FTP and UUCP availability information
can be found at ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/GNUinfo/FTP