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XEmacs / CHANGES-beta

							-*- indented-text -*-
to 20.2 beta1
-- W3-3.0.83 courtesy of William Perry
-- edmacro.el-3.09 courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic
-- live-icon.el-1.3 courtesy of Karl Hegbloom
-- values setf method
-- miscellaneous bug fixes
-- verilog.el-2.25 courtesy of Michael McNamara
-- tpu-edt.el modifications for zmacs region compatibility courtesy of
   Kevin Oberman.
-- custom-1.89 courtesy of Per Abrahamsen
-- etags.c-11.83 courtesy of F. Potorti`
-- Mega Customizations courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic
-- "C" balloon help courtesy of Douglas Keller (experimental - placeholder)
-- update version numbers

[XEmacs 20.1 was never released to the net]

to 20.1
-- facemenu.el boo boo.
-- VM-6.27
-- README.htmlpro left as reference for htmlpro.dtd

-- Commercial sound driver fix
-- Wnn6 corrections
-- Filling corrections
-- Animated GIF boo boo.

-- time.el-1.15
-- itimer.el-1.06
-- facemenu-keymap moved to `C-x F'
-- MULE anchored beginning regexp bug fix courtesy of David Moore
-- VM-6.26
-- miscellaneous bug fixes

to 20.1 beta15
-- tm-vm.el-8.11 -- Courtesy of Oscar Figuerido
-- Restoration of zawinski features in telnet.el.
-- paren.el & ps-print.el customized
-- Gnus-5.4.45
-- W3-3.0.82
-- xmine.el-1.7
-- Crisp.el-1.17
-- miscellaneous bug fixes
-- Custom-1.84

to 20.1 beta14
-- about.el hacking
-- W3-3.0.81
-- autodetect restored for use with Glyphs
-- Gnus-5.4.43
-- miscellaneous bug fixes

[beta13 was skipped]

to 20.1 beta12
-- Synch to Emacs/MULE patches courtesy of MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- VM-6.24
-- miscellaneous documentation fixes/updates
-- etc/GNUS-NEWS added from Gnus-5.4.42 distribution
-- xemacs-version.h version in C stack backtrace hack
-- More unimplemented NeXTstep cruft removed
-- W3-3.0.80
-- Lots and lots of Custom-ization by Hrvoje Niksic
-- temp-buffer-shrink-to-fit (still needs a better name) defaults to nil.
-- Gnus-5.4.42
-- Cleanup -- vms C files removed, dummy NeXTStep C files removed.  They're
   in the CVS attic if anyone wishes to revive this code.
-- Custom-1.74
-- miscellaneous bug fixes

to 20.1 beta11
-- Move lisp/auctex/style/*.el to etc/auctex/style/.
-- regenerated finder database (every lisp file should have a Keywords: line)
-- VM-6.23
-- dired-1.15-x4
-- time-1.13
-- xmine-1.2
-- More MS Windows NT patches Courtesy of Marc Paquette
-- webster-www.el Courtesy of Tomasz Cholewo
-- webster.el, webster-ucb.el removed from distribution
-- movemail imported from Emacs 19.34 (With POP/Hesiod/Kerberos support)
-- Custom-1.69
-- miscellaneous bug fixes
-- W3-3.0.79
-- Gnus-5.4.40
-- GNATS/send-pr fixes, should work now
-- edmacro-3.07
-- configure fixes
-- cc-mode-4.390
-- restore inline.c

to 20.1 beta10
-- custom-1.68 [Beyond 19.15]
-- W3-3.0.75
-- Documentation updates
-- cc-mode-4.388
-- Custom-1.67
-- EFS fixes courtesy of Michael Sperber
-- time.el-1.11
-- Various cursor glitch patches courtesy of Darrell Kindred
-- Irix -rpath support courtesy of Darrell Kindred
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes
-- EFS synch to 19.15 for default-dir.el
-- hm--html-mode-5.5
-- VM-6.22
-- Gnus-5.4.37

to 20.1 beta9
-- VM-6.21
-- tm-7.106
-- Garbage Collection patches courtesy of David Moore
-- time.el update
-- minor build tweaks
-- EFS integration/bug fix patches courtesy of Michael Sperber
-- MULE safe char-before added
-- preceding-char, following-char are obsolete and broken, do not use them
-- user-mail-address now uses the function
-- miscellaneous bug fixes
-- Egg patches courtesy of Jareth Hein
-- corrections to lib-src script setup in --srcdir configuration
-- itimer.el-1.05
-- hyperbole-4.023
-- cc-mode.el-4.387
-- floating-toolbar.el-1.02
-- balloon-help.el-1.05
-- W3-3.0.71
-- Custom-1.65
-- Gnus-5.4.33
-- strip unimplemented subwindows subr code
-- GIF correction courtesy Darrell Kindred

to 20.1 beta8
-- GIF crash fix courtesy of David Moore
-- Fix for problem dumping comint with sparcworks
-- Fixes for problems during build with dynamic puresize
-- xpm background color patch courtesy of Darrell Kindred
-- Custom-1.64
-- Gnus-5.4.28
-- miscellaneous bug fixes
-- timer.el backed out, we're not ready for it.
-- GNATS-3.101 info documentation added, further integration of send-pr.el.

to 20.1 beta7
-- Update to time.el.
-- htmlpro DTD, IE3 DTDs added to etc/sgml.
-- I18N patches and more courtesy of Jareth Hein
-- Invisibility to visibility extent patch courtesy of David Moore
   (fixes long-standing Gnus annoyance when unhiding .signature).
-- cperl-mode-1.31+
-- Synch to Emacs/mule API
-- Configure gets --canna-libs and --canna-includes courtesy of YAMAMOTO Toru
-- w3-3.0.68
-- Custom-1.63
-- Define BROKEN_SIGIO for SunOS 4.1
-- timer.el courtesy of Kyle Jones
-- itimer.el-1.04
-- cperl-mode.el-1.31
-- tm-7.105.2
-- cc-mode-4.379 courtesy of Barry Warsaw
-- more about.el hacking
-- Logo adjusted to be more colormap friendly
-- efs/dired updates courtesy of Michael Sperber [on hold]
-- miscellaneous bug fixes
-- hyperbole fix
-- Gnus-5.4.26
-- sit-for, etc.  The Final Solution courtesy of David Moore

to 20.1 beta6
-- filladapt.el-2.09 courtesy of Kyle Jones
-- itimer.el-1.03
-- more work on sit-for, etc. courtesy of David Moore
-- describe-beta command added, etc/BETA, C-h B
-- updates to hyper-apropos.el courtesy of Christoph Wedler
-- texinfo manual updated to 2.23
-- texinfo.tex update to 3.9
-- Gnus-5.4.23
-- tm-7.105.1
-- W3-3.0.65
-- Custom-1.59
-- AUCTeX-9.7l
-- VM-6.19
-- Build fixes from Martin Buchholz
-- More work on Linux libc-5/libc-6 portability, it works out of the box now?
-- more frame visibility patches courtesy of Jan Vroonhof
-- Synch to MULE patches courtesy of MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- graphical updates to time.el
-- gnuattach fixes courtesy of Hunter Kelly
-- dynamic PURESIZE fixes
-- miscellaneous bug fixes

to 20.1 beta5
-- bug fix to gnus-mime.el
-- custom-1.50

to 20.1 beta4
-- mine.el (almost) fully ported to XEmacs
-- time.el updated for XEmacs Courtesy of Jens Lautenbacher
-- Gnus-5.4.17
-- some historical files removed from etc for space
-- id-select.el-1.4.5
-- M-: (eval-expression) is now enabled by default
-- Freeze frame fixes Courtesy of Jan Vroonhof and Darrell Kindred
-- mule categories implemented Courtesy of Jareth Hein
-- mic-paren.el-1.3.1
-- builds with dynamic PURESIZE should work better
-- hyperbole-4.022

to 20.1 beta3
-- Customized edit-faces Courtesy of Jens Lautenbacher
-- W3-3.0.62
-- AUCTeX-9.7k
-- mic-paren.el-1.3 Courtesy of Mikael Sj�din
-- hm--html-menus-5.3
-- custom-1.46
-- site-load.el preconfigured to work with DOC string generation
-- regex.c MULE bugfix Courtesy of David Moore
-- python-mode.el-2.90
-- balloon-help-1.04
-- xrdb-mode.el-1.21
-- itimer.el-1.01 Courtesy of Kyle Jones
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes.
-- Dynamic computation of PURESIZE during build

to 20.1 beta2
-- First cut at MS Windows NT support Courtesy of David Hobley
-- itimer.el-1.01 Courtesy of Kyle Jones
-- hm--html-menus-5.2
-- redo.el-1.01
-- VM-6.15
-- miscellaneous efs/dired fixes
-- OO-Browser-2.10 Courtesy of Bob Weiner
-- Yet another man.el Courtesy of jwz
-- Addition to sample.emacs Courtesy of jwz
-- additions/corrections to about.el
-- hyperbole-4.021 Courtesy of Bob Weiner
-- Restoration of reportmail.el Courtesy of jwz
-- Restoration of passwd.el Courtesy of jwz
-- AUC TeX-9.7i Courtesy of Per Abrahamsen (Contributed code integrated
       courtesy of Soren Dayton)
-- viper-2.93 Courtesy of Michael Kifer
-- ediff-2.64 Courtesy of Michael Kifer
-- edmacro.el-3.05
-- detached-minibuf.el Courtesy of Alvin Shelton
-- whitespace-mode.el Courtesy of Heiko Muenkel
-- winmgr-mode.el Courtesy of David Konerding, Stefan Strobel & Barry Warsaw
-- Gnus-5.4.15
-- custom-1.44
-- error-message-string ported from Emacs 19.34.
-- fast-lock.el-3.11.01 Courtesy of Simon Marshall
-- lazy-lock.el-1.16 Courtesy of Simon Marshall
-- speedbar.el Courtesy of Eric Ludlam and Jens Lautenbacher
-- W3-3.0.60
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes
-- igrep.el-2.56 Courtesy of Kevin Rodgers
-- frame-icon.el Courtesy of Michael Lamoureux and Bob Weiner
-- xrdb-mode.el-1.17 Courtesy of Barry Warsaw

to 20.1 beta1
-- New symbol `signal-error-on-buffer-boundary'.  Set to nil to avoid
    lossage of zmacs region when moving against buffer boundaries.
-- python-mode.el-2.89 Courtesy of Barry Warsaw
-- added mouse-[123] and down-mouse-[123] Emacs-compatible keysyms
-- Clicking on `**' buffer modified status in mode-line now works the same
    way as C-x C-q.
-- Miscellanous bug fixes from a number of people
-- mine.el-1.17 Courtesy of Jacques Duthen [New]
-- fast-lock.el-3.10.2 Courtesy of Simon Marshall
-- browse-cltl2.el-1.1 Courtesy of Holger Schauer [New]
-- eldoc.el-1.8 Courtesy of Noah Friedman [New]
-- webjump.el-1.4 Courtesy of Neil W. Van Dyke [New]
-- mime-setup is no longer dumped on SunPro/MULE.
-- Canna coredump fixed
-- verilog-mode.el Courtesy of Michael McNamara & Adrian Aichner [New]
-- overlay.el Courtesy of Joseph Nuspl [New]
-- hm--html-menus-5.1 Courtesy of Heiko Muenkel
-- tm-7.105 Courtesy of MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- Initial port of edmacro.el courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic [New]
-- Native sound support for FreeBSD Courtesy Dick van den Burg
-- Correct detection of GIF89, and implement detection of PNG
-- efs-1.15 courtesy of Andy Norman and Michael Sperber [New]
-- Easy customization of toolbar support courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic
-- balloon-help-1.03 courtesy of Kyle Jones [New]
-- 'compatible byte compiler warning type added and turned off by default
-- redo.el-1.00 courtesy of Kyle Jones [New]
-- floating-toolbar.el courtesy of Kyle Jones [New]
-- Initial Wnn/egg support and bug fixes courtesy of Jareth Hein [New]
-- Gnus-5.4.12 Courtesy of Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen [Upgrade]
-- custom-1.40 Courtesy of Per Abrahamsen [New]
-- W3-3.0.59 Courtesy of William Perry
-- VM-6.13 Courtesy of Kyle Jones [Upgrade]