XEmacs / etc / categories

#		    Possible categories for a PR.
# Any line which begins with a `#' is considered a comment, and GNATS
# will ignore it. 
# Each entry has the format:
# 	category:description:responsible:notify
# * `category' is the name of the classification for the PR.
# * `description' can be a normal text description for the
#   category, like "Development Tools" for the `tools' category.
# * `responsible' gives the name (which can be found in the remote
#   file) of the person who will be given responsibility for any PR
#   appearing in this category.
# * `notify' are other email addresses which should be given copies of
#    any PR in this category.
# The following category is mandatory for GNATS to work.
pending:Category for faulty PRs:gnats-admin:
# Sample categories:
auxiliary:Auxiliary Programs:gnats-admin:
documentation:Documentation Bug:gnats-admin:weiner@infodock.com
frames:X11 Frames:gnats-admin:
i18n:I18n Internationalization:martin:
lisp:Emacs Lisp code:gnats-admin:
menubars:X11 menubars:gnats-admin:
mule:MULE Internationalization stuffs:jhod:
performance:Performance Issues:dmoore:
redisplay:Redisplay Issues:gnats-admin:cthomp@xemacs.org
scrollbars:X11 scrollbars:gnats-amdin:mrb@eng.sun.com
toolbars:X11 toolbars:gnats-admin:
gnus:Gnus newsreader:larsi:
vm:VM Mailreader:kyle:
W3:W3 Browser:wmperry:
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