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;;; thai-util.el --- utilities for Thai -*- coding: iso-2022-7bit; -*-

;; Copyright (C) 1995 Electrotechnical Laboratory, JAPAN.
;; Licensed to the Free Software Foundation.

;; Keywords: mule, multilingual, thai

;; This file is part of XEmacs.

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;; under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
;; any later version.

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;; Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA
;; 02111-1307, USA.

;;; Synched up with: Emacs 21.1 (language/thai-util.el).

;;; Commentary:

;;; Code:

;; Setting information of Thai characters.

(defconst thai-category-table (make-category-table))
(define-category ?c "Thai consonant" thai-category-table)
(define-category ?v "Thai upper/lower vowel" thai-category-table)
(define-category ?t "Thai tone" thai-category-table)

;; The general composing rules are as follows:
;;                          T
;;       V        T         V                  T
;; CV -> C, CT -> C, CVT -> C, Cv -> C, CvT -> C
;;                                   v         v
;; where C: consonant, V: vowel upper, v: vowel lower, T: tone mark.

(defvar thai-composition-pattern "\\cc\\(\\ct\\|\\cv\\ct?\\)"
  "Regular expression matching a Thai composite sequence.")

(let ((l '((?,T!(B consonant "LETTER KO KAI")				; 0xA1
	   (?,T"(B consonant "LETTER KHO KHAI")				; 0xA2
	   (?,T#(B consonant "LETTER KHO KHUAT")				; 0xA3
	   (?,T$(B consonant "LETTER KHO KHWAI")				; 0xA4
	   (?,T%(B consonant "LETTER KHO KHON")				; 0xA5
	   (?,T&(B consonant "LETTER KHO RAKHANG")				; 0xA6
	   (?,T'(B consonant "LETTER NGO NGU")				; 0xA7
	   (?,T((B consonant "LETTER CHO CHAN")				; 0xA8
	   (?,T)(B consonant "LETTER CHO CHING")				; 0xA9
	   (?,T*(B consonant "LETTER CHO CHANG")				; 0xAA
	   (?,T+(B consonant "LETTER SO SO")				; 0xAB
	   (?,T,(B consonant "LETTER CHO CHOE")				; 0xAC
	   (?,T-(B consonant "LETTER YO YING")				; 0xAD
	   (?,T.(B consonant "LETTER DO CHADA")				; 0xAE
	   (?,T/(B consonant "LETTER TO PATAK")				; 0xAF
	   (?,T0(B consonant "LETTER THO THAN")				; 0xB0
	   (?,T1(B consonant "LETTER THO NANGMONTHO")			; 0xB1
	   (?,T2(B consonant "LETTER THO PHUTHAO")				; 0xB2
	   (?,T3(B consonant "LETTER NO NEN")				; 0xB3
	   (?,T4(B consonant "LETTER DO DEK")				; 0xB4
	   (?,T5(B consonant "LETTER TO TAO")				; 0xB5
	   (?,T6(B consonant "LETTER THO THUNG")				; 0xB6
	   (?,T7(B consonant "LETTER THO THAHAN")				; 0xB7
	   (?,T8(B consonant "LETTER THO THONG")				; 0xB8
	   (?,T9(B consonant "LETTER NO NU")				; 0xB9
	   (?,T:(B consonant "LETTER BO BAIMAI")				; 0xBA
	   (?,T;(B consonant "LETTER PO PLA")				; 0xBB
	   (?,T<(B consonant "LETTER PHO PHUNG")				; 0xBC
	   (?,T=(B consonant "LETTER FO FA")				; 0xBD
	   (?,T>(B consonant "LETTER PHO PHAN")				; 0xBE
	   (?,T?(B consonant "LETTER FO FAN")				; 0xBF
	   (?,T@(B consonant "LETTER PHO SAMPHAO")				; 0xC0
	   (?,TA(B consonant "LETTER MO MA")				; 0xC1
	   (?,TB(B consonant "LETTER YO YAK")				; 0xC2
	   (?,TC(B consonant "LETTER RO RUA")				; 0xC3
	   (?,TD(B vowel-base "LETTER RU (Pali vowel letter)")		; 0xC4
	   (?,TE(B consonant "LETTER LO LING")				; 0xC5
	   (?,TF(B vowel-base "LETTER LU (Pali vowel letter)")		; 0xC6
	   (?,TG(B consonant "LETTER WO WAEN")				; 0xC7
	   (?,TH(B consonant "LETTER SO SALA")				; 0xC8
	   (?,TI(B consonant "LETTER SO RUSI")				; 0xC9
	   (?,TJ(B consonant "LETTER SO SUA")				; 0xCA
	   (?,TK(B consonant "LETTER HO HIP")				; 0xCB
	   (?,TL(B consonant "LETTER LO CHULA")				; 0xCC
	   (?,TM(B consonant "LETTER O ANG")				; 0xCD
	   (?,TN(B consonant "LETTER HO NOK HUK")				; 0xCE
	   (?,TO(B special "PAI YAN NOI (abbreviation)")			; 0xCF
	   (?,TP(B vowel-base "VOWEL SIGN SARA A")				; 0xD0
	   (?,TQ(B vowel-upper "VOWEL SIGN MAI HAN-AKAT N/S-T")		; 0xD1
	   (?,TR(B vowel-base "VOWEL SIGN SARA AA")				; 0xD2
	   (?,TS(B vowel-base "VOWEL SIGN SARA AM")				; 0xD3
	   (?,TT(B vowel-upper "VOWEL SIGN SARA I N/S-T")			; 0xD4
	   (?,TU(B vowel-upper "VOWEL SIGN SARA II N/S-T")			; 0xD5
	   (?,TV(B vowel-upper "VOWEL SIGN SARA UE N/S-T")			; 0xD6
	   (?,TW(B vowel-upper "VOWEL SIGN SARA UEE N/S-T")			; 0xD7
	   (?,TX(B vowel-lower "VOWEL SIGN SARA U N/S-B")			; 0xD8
	   (?,TY(B vowel-lower "VOWEL SIGN SARA UU N/S-B")			; 0xD9
	   (?,TZ(B vowel-lower "VOWEL SIGN PHINTHU N/S-B (Pali virama)")	; 0xDA
	   (?,T[(B invalid nil)						; 0xDA
	   (?,T\(B invalid nil)						; 0xDC
	   (?,T](B invalid nil)						; 0xDC
	   (?,T^(B invalid nil)						; 0xDC
	   (?,T_(B special "BAHT SIGN (currency symbol)")			; 0xDF
	   (?,T`(B vowel-base "VOWEL SIGN SARA E")				; 0xE0
	   (?,Ta(B vowel-base "VOWEL SIGN SARA AE")				; 0xE1
	   (?,Tb(B vowel-base "VOWEL SIGN SARA O")				; 0xE2
	   (?,Tc(B vowel-base "VOWEL SIGN SARA MAI MUAN")			; 0xE3
	   (?,Td(B vowel-base "VOWEL SIGN SARA MAI MALAI")			; 0xE4
	   (?,Te(B vowel-base "LAK KHANG YAO")				; 0xE5
	   (?,Tf(B special "MAI YAMOK (repetition)")			; 0xE6
	   (?,Tg(B vowel-upper "VOWEL SIGN MAI TAI KHU N/S-T")		; 0xE7
	   (?,Th(B tone "TONE MAI EK N/S-T")				; 0xE8
	   (?,Ti(B tone "TONE MAI THO N/S-T")				; 0xE9
	   (?,Tj(B tone "TONE MAI TRI N/S-T")				; 0xEA
	   (?,Tk(B tone "TONE MAI CHATTAWA N/S-T")				; 0xEB
	   (?,Tl(B tone "THANTHAKHAT N/S-T (cancellation mark)")		; 0xEC
	   (?,Tm(B tone "NIKKHAHIT N/S-T (final nasal)")			; 0xED
	   (?,Tn(B vowel-upper "YAMAKKAN N/S-T")				; 0xEE
	   (?,To(B special "FONRMAN")					; 0xEF
	   (?,Tp(B special "DIGIT ZERO")					; 0xF0
	   (?,Tq(B special "DIGIT ONE")					; 0xF1
	   (?,Tr(B special "DIGIT TWO")					; 0xF2
	   (?,Ts(B special "DIGIT THREE")					; 0xF3
	   (?,Tt(B special "DIGIT FOUR")					; 0xF4
	   (?,Tu(B special "DIGIT FIVE")					; 0xF5
	   (?,Tv(B special "DIGIT SIX")					; 0xF6
	   (?,Tw(B special "DIGIT SEVEN")					; 0xF7
	   (?,Tx(B special "DIGIT EIGHT")					; 0xF8
	   (?,Ty(B special "DIGIT NINE")					; 0xF9
	   (?,Tz(B special "ANGKHANKHU (ellipsis)")				; 0xFA
	   (?,T{(B special "KHOMUT (beginning of religious texts)")		; 0xFB
	   (?,T|(B invalid nil)						; 0xFC
	   (?,T}(B invalid nil)						; 0xFD
	   (?,T~(B invalid nil)						; 0xFE
  (while l
    (setq elm (car l) l (cdr l))
    (let ((char (car elm))
	  (ptype (nth 1 elm)))
      (put-char-code-property char 'phonetic-type ptype)
      (cond ((eq ptype 'consonant)
	     (modify-category-entry char ?c thai-category-table))
	    ((memq ptype '(vowel-upper vowel-lower))
	     (modify-category-entry char ?v thai-category-table))
	    ((eq ptype 'tone)
	     (modify-category-entry char ?t thai-category-table)))
      (put-char-code-property char 'name (nth 2 elm)))))

(defun thai-compose-region (beg end)
  "Compose Thai characters in the region.
When called from a program, expects two arguments,
positions (integers or markers) specifying the region."
  (interactive "r")
    (narrow-to-region beg end)
    (goto-char (point-min))
    (with-category-table thai-category-table
      (while (re-search-forward thai-composition-pattern nil t)
	(compose-region (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0))))))

(defun thai-compose-string (string)
  "Compose Thai characters in STRING and return the resulting string."
  (with-category-table thai-category-table
    (let ((idx 0))
      (while (setq idx (string-match thai-composition-pattern string idx))
	(compose-string string idx (match-end 0))
	(setq idx (match-end 0)))))
(defun thai-compose-buffer ()
  "Compose Thai characters in the current buffer."
  (thai-compose-region (point-min) (point-max)))

(defun thai-post-read-conversion (len)
  (thai-compose-region (point) (+ (point) len))

(defun thai-composition-function (from to pattern &optional string)
  "Compose Thai text in the region FROM and TO.
The text matches the regular expression PATTERN.
Optional 4th argument STRING, if non-nil, is a string containing text
to compose.

The return value is number of composed characters."
  (if (< (1+ from) to)
      (prog1 (- to from)
	(if string
	    (compose-string string from to)
	  (compose-region from to))
	(- to from))))

(provide 'thai-util)

;;; thai-util.el ends here