XEmacs / CHANGES-beta

							-*- indented-text -*-
to 19.15 beta'95
-- hm--html-menus-5.2
-- redo.el-1.01
-- VM-6.15
-- miscellaneous efs/dired fixes
-- OO-Browser-2.10 Courtesy of Bob Weiner
-- Yet another man.el Courtesy of jwz
-- Addition to sample.emacs Courtesy of jwz
-- additions/corrections to about.el
-- hyperbole-4.021 Courtesy of Bob Weiner
-- Restoration of reportmail.el Courtesy of jwz
-- Restoration of passwd.el Courtesy of jwz
-- AUC TeX-9.7i Courtesy of Per Abrahamsen
-- viper-2.93
-- ediff-2.64
-- edmacro.el-3.05
-- detached-minibuf.el Courtesy of Alvin Shelton
-- whitespace-mode.el Courtesy of Heiko Muenkel
-- winmgr-mode.el Courtesy of David Konerding, Stefan Strobel & Barry Warsaw
-- Gnus-5.4.15
-- custom-1.44
-- error-message-string ported from Emacs 19.34.
-- fast-lock.el-3.11.01 Courtesy of Simon Marshall
-- lazy-lock.el-1.16 Courtesy of Simon Marshall
-- speedbar.el Courtesy of Eric Ludlam and Jens Lautenbacher
-- W3-3.0.60
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes
-- igrep.el-2.56 Courtesy of Kevin Rodgers
-- frame-icon.el Courtesy of Michael Lamoureux and Bob Weiner
-- xrdb-mode.el-1.17 Courtesy of Barry Warsaw

to 19.15 beta94
-- New symbol `signal-error-on-buffer-boundary'.  Set to nil to avoid
    lossage of zmacs region when moving against buffer boundaries.
-- python-mode.el-2.89 Courtesy of Barry Warsaw
-- added mouse-[123] and down-mouse-[123] Emacs-compatible keysyms
-- W3-3.0.59
-- Clicking on `**' buffer modified status in mode-line now works the same
    way as C-x C-q.
-- Miscellanous bug fixes from a number of people
-- mine.el-1.17 Courtesy of Jacques Duthen [New]
-- fast-lock.el-3.10.2 Courtesy of Simon Marshall
-- browse-cltl2.el-1.1 Courtesy of Holger Schauer
-- eldoc.el-1.8 Courtesy of Noah Friedman [New]
-- webjump.el-1.4 Courtesy of Neil W. Van Dyke [New]
-- Canna coredump fixed
-- verilog-mode.el Courtesy of Michael McNamara & Adrian Aichner [New]
-- overlay.el Courtesy of Joseph Nuspl [New]
-- hm--html-menus-5.1 Courtesy of Heiko Muenkel
-- tm-7.105
-- Initial port of edmacro.el courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic [New]
-- custom-1.40
-- Native sound support for FreeBSD Courtesy Dick van den Burg
-- Correct detection of GIF89, and implement detection of PNG
-- efs-1.15 courtesy of Andy Norman and Michael Sperber [New]
-- Easy customization of toolbar support courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic
-- Gnus-5.4.12
-- balloon-help-1.03 courtesy of Kyle Jones [New]
-- 'compatible byte compiler warning type added and turned off by default
-- redo.el-1.00 courtesy of Kyle Jones [New]
-- floating-toolbar.el courtesy of Kyle Jones [New]

to 19.15 beta93
-- W3-3.0.56
-- VM-6.13 Courtesy of Kyle Jones
-- Custom-1.30
-- Replicating extents are history
-- tm-7.103.5
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes
-- Synch to 20.0 patches

to 19.15 beta92
-- gnus-5.4.11
-- tm-7.103.1
-- custom-1.24
-- widget-1.24
-- Corrections for dumping custom.elc with XEmacs
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes

to 19.15 beta91
-- Gnus-5.4.9 Courtesy of Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen
-- Custom-1.20 Courtesy of Per Abrahamsen
-- Widget-1.20 Courtesy of Per Abrahamsen
-- iso-acc.el updated courtesy of Alexandre Oliva
-- tm-7.103
-- w3-3.0.52
-- html 3.2 final dtd added
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes
-- ps-print.el-3.05 Courtesy of Jacques Duthen Prestataire

to 19.15 beta90
-- ediff-2.64
-- viper-2.92
-- bench.el-1.2
-- Degenerate extent insertion speedup courtesy of David Moore
-- decipher.el (from Emacs 19.34)
-- w3-3.0.43
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes

to 19.15 beta7
-- backup-dir 2.0 courtesy of Greg Klanderman
-- lazy-lock-1.15
-- tm-7.100.3
-- viper-2.91
-- ediff-2.63
-- psgml-1.01
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes

to 19.15 beta6
-- tm-7.100.2
-- 20k of new zippy quotes from mly
-- By popular demand, `font-menu-this-frame-only-p' now defaults to nil.
-- Neal Becker's Rosetta Man patch reinstalled
-- VM 5.97
-- Minimize displayed help windows to avoid wasted screen space
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes
-- Java fontlocking update from Bob Weiner
-- pcl-cvs update from Neal Becker

to 19.15 beta5
-- tm-7.97
-- InfoDock man.el
-- Fix long-standing race condition in timeout handling (courtesy of David
-- next-line-add-newlines now defaults to nil
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes.
-- kp_ X11 keysyms now recognized as kp-.

to 19.15 beta4
-- Default JPEG image loading is now old tempfile code, but should work again.
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes courtesy of Christoph Wedler
-- mic-paren.el courtesy of Mikael Sjdin
-- lpr.el/ps-print.el - Allow dynamic expansion of
-- Lisp Bug fixes
-- Install info files compressed (courtesy of Joseph J Nuspl)
-- Default locking for Linux is now .lock locking

to 19.15 beta3

-- EDT/TPU modes synched from GNU Emacs, should actually work for the first
   first time.
-- Lots of files synched with GNU Emacs 19.34.
-- Apropos mode enhancements.
-- locate-library is now silent when called non-interactively.
-- Non aggressive keyboard focus throwing is supported.
-- Various enhancements from Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen.
-- smtpmail.el added from GNU Emacs 19.34.
-- man.el & man-xref.el added from GNU Emacs 19.35.
-- crisp/brief emulation courtesy of Gary D. Foster.
-- id-select.el courtesy of Bob Weiner.
-- m4-mode 1.8
-- etags.c 11.78
-- ilisp 5.8
-- cperl-mode 1.28
-- cc-mode 4.322
-- elp 2.37
-- python-mode 2.83
-- load-warn-when-source-newer now defaults to t
-- tm 7.95

to 19.15 beta2

-- fast-lock.el 3.10.01
-- ksh-mode.el 2.9
-- mode-motion+.el 3.16
-- psgml-1a12
-- executable.el, imenu.el, sh-script.el and uniquify.el now included
-- rfc1521 patches to VM from Jamie
-- OffiX support added
-- lots of 19.34 syncing, most by Steven Baur
-- NetBSD on sparc platform fixes
-- additional featurep checks on 'scrollbar and 'menubar
-- configure changes to allow sunos4shr args to be picked up correctly

to 19.15 beta1

-- gnus 5.2.40
-- etc 0.22
-- w3 3.0.12
-- url 1.0.41
-- reporter 3.3
-- psgml 1a11
-- cc-mode 4.315
-- hm--html-menus 5.0
-- stringp nil error when starting sparcworks
-- call7 and call8 had incorrect array sizes
-- makefile mode Error in `pre-idle-hook' (setting hook to nil):
   (void-function makefile-space-face)
-- Crashes when built on X11R5 and run on X11R6 fixed
-- Lisp backtrace is now printed on all crashes, not just debug build
-- LOTS of typos fixed.
-- sunpro-init no longer opens /net/bin with possible hang at startup.
-- switch-to-buffer-other-window reverted to old-style behaviour
-- python-mode 2.67
-- auto-mode-alist regexps reorganized for efficiency
-- interpreter-mode-alist regexps now look at entire first line.
-- new (interactive) spec `i' can be used to skip arguments.
-- other assorted fixes and changes
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