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		      Building and Installing XEmacs
 			      on Windows NT

	    David Hobley <>
		    Marc Paquette <>

You need a compiler package to build and install XEmacs on NT or Win95.
Microsoft Visual C++ 4.2 has been successfuly used to build it on NT: we 
recommend this specific version (VC++ 4.1 has trouble with some macro 
definitions in XEmacs sources).

This is an extremely early release. Any help we can provide we will do
so.  Note however that, as of XEmacs 20.3 beta4, only X is supported
and some things might not work well at first.

Two methods to try it: jumpstart with pre-compiled X libraries (NT4
for Intel) or the long route with X11R6.3 re-compiled from scratch.
The jumpstart method is not in place yet, but the files will probably
appear somewhere at  Here are some instructions for
recompiling X:

1. Get X11R6.3 (Note: you need *a lots* of free space on your drive).
Modify its and site.def configuration files 
to use the single-threaded, statically linked C run-time library
(libc.lib instead of msvcrt.dll).  Samples and site.def are
provided in the XEmacs nt/ directory.
2. Build X11R6.3 and install it.
3. Apply the following patch to include/X11/Xmd.h in the installed
directory.  Note: this could conceivably be better done before
compiling X, but this is the order I (marcpa) used.

--- Xmd.h~	Thu Jun 08 23:20:40 1995
+++ Xmd.h	Sun Mar 16 13:09:10 1997
@@ -150,8 +150,9 @@
 typedef CARD16		BITS16;
 typedef CARD8		BYTE;
+#ifndef WIN32
 typedef CARD8           BOOL;

4. Edit the xemacs.mak Makefile and ensure variables point to the
correct place.
5. copy the files ad2c.sed, config.h, paths.h and xemacs.mak from nt/
into src/. 
6. Run nmake using xemacs.mak (nmake -f xemacs.mak) while in src/.
7. Manually run the resulting temacs executable to create xemacs:
temacs.exe -batch -l loadup.el dump
8. You should be able to use MSDEV to run and debug temacs.exe: open a
 workspace by specifying "Executable files", select "temacs.exe", set
the debug "Program arguments" settings (Build->Settings->Debug) to "-batch -l
loadup.el run-temacs" and run it.  You should be able to open any
source file and set a breakpoint in it.

- Haven't got rid of some symbol problems which may be causing problems.
- Still seems to use fork, which fails without /force option on link. I am
  trying to work out where it should be removed.
- To make it work on X, usage of XtAppAddInput had to be commented out.  
  This is expected to break some parts of XEmacs, so beware.

Any problems/questions, mail us:

David Hobley -- work email. -- home account.

Marc Paquette -- home account.