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XEmacs / etc / hypb-mouse.txt

                                             Smart Keys
Context                         Action Key                 Assist Key
  On a menu item                Item is activated          Item help
  On an explicit button         Button is activated        Button help
  Reading argument
    1st press at an arg value   Value copied to minibuffer <- same
    2nd press at an arg value   Value used as argument     <- same
    In minibuffer               Minibuf arg is applied     Completion help
  On an implicit button         Button is activated        Button help
  Within an outline cell        Collapses and expands      Shows tree props
  Left of an outline cell       Creates a klink            Moves a tree
  Wrolo Match Buffer            Edits entries and mails to e-mail addresses

Mouse or Keyboard Display Control
  Line end, not end of buffer
      = t   (default)           Makes curr line top line   Bottom line
      = nil                     Scrolls up a windowful     Scrolls down
  End of Any Help buffer        Screen restored to previous state

Mouse-only Control
  Modeline down & wind release  Resize window height       <- same
  Drag from shared window side
    or from left of scroll bar  Resize window width        <- same
  Drag between windows          Create/modify a link but   Swap window buffers
  Horizontal drag within window
    Left to right               Scroll to buffer end       Split window across
    Right to left               Scroll to buffer begin     Delete window
  Vertical drag within window   Split window sideways      <- same
  Diagonal drag within window   Save ring screen-config    Restore ring config
  Click in modeline
    Left window edge            Bury buffer                Unbury bottom buf
    Right window edge           Info                       Smart Key summary
    Otherwise                   Action Key Hook            Assist Key Hook

Special Modes
  C,C++,Objective-C,Java Modes  Jumps to id/include def    Jumps to next def
  Java Cross-Reference Tag      Jumps to identifier def    Jumps to next def
  Assembly Language Mode        Jumps to id/include def    Jumps to next def
  Any Lisp or Fortran Mode      Jumps to id def            Jumps to next def
  Emacs Lisp Compiler Error     Jumps to def with error    <- same
  Grep or Occur Match           Jumps to match source line <- same
  Multi-buffer Occur Match      Jumps to match source line <- same
  Outline Major/Minor Modes     Collapses, expands, and moves outline entries
  Man Apropos                   Displays man page entry    <- same
  Man Pages                     Follows cross refs, file refs and C code refs
  Buffer Menu                   Saves, deletes and displays buffers

Emacs Info Reader
  Menu Entry or Cross Ref       Jumps to referent          <- same
  Up, Next or Prev Header       Jumps to referent          Jumps to prior node
  File entry of Header          Jumps to top node          Jumps to (DIR) node
  End of current node           Jumps to next node         Jumps to prev node
  Anywhere else                 Scrolls up a windowful     Scrolls down a wind

  Calendar                      Scrolls or shows appts     Scrolls/marks dates
  Dired Mode                    Views and deletes files from directory listing
  GNUS News Reader              Toggles group subscriptions, gets new news,
                                  and browses articles
  Mail reader and Summaries     Browses, deletes and expunges messages
  OO-Browser                    Browses classes and elements
  Tar Mode                      Views and edits files from tar archive files

Any other context (defaults)    Hyperbole top menu         Smart Key summary