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XEmacs / nt / Todo

# List of problems with XEmacs. If anyone wants to work on these, please
# mail me and I'll update the table below.

# Core NT issues
    1. Use the registry to store the root directory(ies) of lisp packages; that
       is the path name, not the elisp files.

# X issues
    1. Redrawing on my (davidh) system seems fairly broken - I don't know if
       this is the XEmacs redraw functionality, my X server or just something
       strange with X under NT. Has anyone else experiences with this ?

# Native GUI issues
    0. The entire event model.
    1. Calling mouse_[enter|leave]_frame_hook
    2. Can't change bold, italic or bold-italic face fonts
    3. Bogus delay when setting default- or initial-frame-plist
    4. Short timeouts don't seem to be very accurate
    7. Palette handling

Old Issues. 

    1. For some reason, HOME is a required environment variable.