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XEmacs / BUGS

If you think you may have found a bug in XEmacs, please
read the Bugs section of the XEmacs manual for advice on
(1) how to tell when to report a bug, and
(2) how to write a useful bug report and what information
it needs to have.

There are three ways to read the Bugs section.

(1) In a printed copy of the XEmacs manual.

(2) With Info.  Start XEmacs, do C-h i to enter Info,
then m XEmacs RET to get to the Emacs manual, then m Bugs RET
to get to the section on bugs.  Or use standalone Info in
a like manner.  (Standalone Info is part of the Texinfo distribution,
not part of the XEmacs distribution.)

(3) By hand.  Do
    cat info/xemacs* | more "+/^File: xemacs.info,  Node: Bugs,"