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User-visible changes to mh-e in version 5.0 from 4.1.

   Note: This being a major release, there are many internal changes.
This document lists only changes to the external interfaces of mh-e.

   When upgrading, you must either explicitly reload the new versions of
all mh-e files that are already loaded or restart your Emacs.

   mh-e 5.0.1 contains minor changes from mh-e 5.0 to integrate it with
Emacs 19.29.

   mh-e 5.0.2 contains additional minor changes to integrate it with
reporter.el (requires reporter.el version 3.1c or later) and Emacs
19.30.  The mh-goto-msg function is much faster, which also speeds up
several other operations.

Major Changes and New Features in mh-e

   The emphasis for this release has been on consistency and
documentation.  Many documentation strings were enhanced.
Documentation strings were changed to comments for internal functions
and variables.

   There is now proper documentation in the form of a 75-page users
manual.  The Texinfo source is mh-e.texi; the formatted Info document
is mh-e.info.

   There is a new command `mh-update-sequences', which updates MH's
idea of what messages are in the Unseen sequence and what is the current
folder and message.  `mh-quit' calls it.  While `mh-execute-commands'
has always done this updating as a side effect, the new function is

   The MH profile entry "Inbox:" is supported.

   If the show-buffer is modified, the user is queried before mh-e
reuses the buffer to show a different message.  This buffer is also
auto-saved and backed up correctly.

   `mh-store-buffer' is significantly more robust.  It now handles
messages created by a wide variety of packaging software.  The status
message for `uudecode' includes the name of the file created.  An error
is signaled if the subprocess exits with a non-zero status.

   `mh-search-folder' behaves predictably, adding messages found to the
`search' sequence.  It correctly handles the case of no messages found.

   `mh-burst-digest' (`M-b') now only rescans the part of the folder
affected by the burst.  It is now much faster in a large folder.

New mh-e Hooks and Customization Variables

   `mh-default-folder-for-message-function': new name for the old
`mh-msg-folder-hook', which wasn't a hook.  The old name was confusing,
leading people to think they could use `add-hook' with it, when
actually `setq' is the correct way.

   `mh-sortm-args': When this variable is used has changed.  Now
`mh-sortm-args' is passed if there IS a prefix argument to
`mh-sort-folder'.  The assumption is that for arguments you normally
want, you would specify them in an MH profile entry.

   `mh-mhn-args': new hook, a list of additional arguments to pass to
the `mhn' program if `mh-edit-mhn' is given a prefix argument.

   `mh-edit-mhn-hook': new hook called by `mh-edit-mhn', the function
that formats MIME messages.

   `mh-folder-list-change-hook': new hook, called whenever the cached
list of folders, `mh-folder-list', is changed.

   `mh-find-path-hook': new hook, called when entering mh-e.

   `mh-repl-formfile': new variable, used to change the format file
used by `mh-reply' from the default of "replcomps".

   New variables to customize the scan format and notating:
`mh-note-deleted', `mh-note-refiled', `mh-note-seq', `mh-note-cur',
`mh-note-copied', `mh-note-printed'.

Key Binding Changes in mh-e

   `RET' runs `mh-show' for consistency with the Finder and Info.  The
old binding `.' still works, but `RET' is now the standard binding.

   `M-<' now runs `mh-first-msg' for consistency with `M->', which runs

   `C-c C-f C-d' in MH-Letter mode moves to a Dcc: header field.

   `C-c C-f C-r' in MH-Letter mode moves to a From: header field.

   `g' is now the standard binding for `mh-goto-msg'.  The old binding
`j' still works.

Other Improvements and Changes to mh-e

   `mh-lpr-command-format' no longer passes the "-p" argument to `lpr'
by default.  The mail header typically has the date anyway.

   When prompting for a sequence name, if no sequences have been used
yet, mh-e will offer the first sequence the current message is in.

   The patterns of more mailers are recognized by

   `mh-insert-prefix-string' no longer wraps the call to the
`mail-citation-hook' function in a `save-excursion' so the hook writer
can choose whether to leave point at the beginning or the end of the
yanked text.

   `mh-write-msg-to-file': The prompt now refers to "message" or
"message body" depending on which will be written.  (This is controlled
by a prefix argument.)  The file defaults to the last-used file instead
of supplying only the directory name.

   mh-e uses message ranges when running MH commands.  Thus "rmm 1 2 3
4 6" is now "rmm 1-4 6".  This change makes it less likely to overflow
system argument list limits, and it might be faster, too.

Bug Fixes to mh-e

   mh-e's idea of the unseen sequence now stays in sync with MH's

   Functions that are supposed to find fields in the message header no
longer look in the message body.

   mh-e would sometimes fail to remove the "%" from a scan line when the
message was removed from a sequence if the message was also in the
Previous sequence.

   The variable `mh-inc-prog' is now correctly used in all places.

   `mh-pipe-msg' runs the process in the correct directory.

   A partially scanned folder will no longer lose the "/select"
annotation when you execute marked deletes and refiles with `x'.