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(More than half of the following acronyms are from a Sep 85 message
from harvard!topaz!BLUE!BRAIL@mit-eddie and anonymous friends.)

 Even a		Master of	Arts		Comes 		Simpler
 Emacs		Manuals		Are 		Cryptic and	Surreal
 Energetic	Merchants	Always		Cultivate	Sales
 Each		Manual's	Audience is	Completely	Stupified
 Emacs		Means		A		Crappy		Screen
 Eventually	Munches		All		Computer	Storage
 Even 		My 		Aunt		Crashes the	System
 Eradication of	Memory		Accomplished with Complete	Simplicity
 Elsewhere	Maybe		Alternative	Civilizations	Survive
 Egregious	Managers	Actively	Court		Stallman
 Esoteric	Malleability	Always		Considered	Silly
 Emacs		Manuals		Always		Cause		Senility
 Easily		Maintained with the  Assistance of  Chemical	Solutions
 Edwardian	Manifestation of  All		Colonial	Sins
 Extended	Macros		Are		Considered	Superfluous
 Every		Macro		Accelerates	Creation of	Software
 Emacs				Allows		Customised	Screwups
 Excellent	Manuals		Are		Clearly		Suppressed
 Emetic		Macros		Assault		Core and	Segmentation
 Embarrassed	Manual-Writer	Accused of	Communist	Subversion
 Extensibilty and Modifiability	Aggravate	Confirmed	Simpletons
 Emacs		May		Annihilate	Command		Structures
 Easily		Mangles,	Aborts,		Crashes and	Stupifies
 Extraneous	Macros		And		Commands	Stink
 Exceptionally	Mediocre	Algorithm for	Computer	Scientists
 EMACS		Makes no	Allowances	Considering its	Stiff price
 Equine		Mammals		Are		Considerably	Smaller
 Embarrasingly	Mundane		Advertising	Cuts		Sales
 Every		Moron		Assumes		CCA is		Superior
 Exceptionally	Mediocre	Autocratic	Control		System
 EMACS		May		Alienate	Clients and	Supporters
 Excavating	Mayan		Architecture	Comes		Simpler
 Erasing 	Minds		Allows 		Complete	Submission
 Every		Male		Adolescent	Craves		Sex
 Elephantine	Memory		Absolutely	Considered	Sine que non
 Emacs 		Makers		Are		Crazy		Sickos
 Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Mo-	Macros	Are		Completely	Slow
 Experience the	Mildest		Ad		Campaign ever	Seen
 Emacs		Makefiles	Annihilate	C-		Shells
 Eradication of	Memory		Accomplished with Complete	Simplicity
 Emetic		Macros		Assault		Core and	Segmentation
 Epileptic	MLisp		Aggravates	Compiler	Seizures
 Eleven thousand Monkeys	Asynchronously	Crank out these	Slogans
 Evenings,	Mornings,	And a 		Couple of	Saturdays
 Emacs		Makes		All 		Computing 	Simple
 Emacs		Makes		All 		Computers 	Slow
 Evil		Manifestation	Also		Called		Satan
 Eats		Memory		And		Compromises	Security
 Eventually	Mallocs		All		Computer	Storage
 Eight		Megs		And		Continuous	Swapping
 Escape		Meta		Alt		Control		Shift
 Eerie		Men		Acting		Computer	Science
 Emacs		Means		A		Crummy		Screen
 Ego		Maniacs		Addicted to	Control		Sequences
 Easy		Man's		Advanced	Consciousness	System 
 Emacs		Masquerades	As a		Comfortable	Shell
 Emacs		Macht		Alle		Computer	Schoen
 Eating		Memory		And		Cycle		Sucking
 Elvis		Masterminds	All		Computer	Software

From <sys/errno.h>:

 #define ENOSR		74		/* Out of streams resources */
 #define ENOMSG		75		/* No message of desired type */
 #define EMACS		76		/* Editor too large */

--- And other descendants:

 GNU's		Not 	Unix
 Mince		Is	Not a	Complete	Emacs
 Fine		Is	Not	Emacs
 Thief		Isn't	Even	Fine
 Eine		Is	Not	Emacs
 Zwei		Was	Eine	Initially
 Drei -		Really	Emacs	Inside
 Sine		is	Not	Eine
 Generally	Not	Used	Except by	Aged	Computer   Scientists
 Elle		Looks	Like	Emacs
 INSTITUTE's	Name	Shows	That	It's	Totally  Unrelated  To  EMACS

> From: ncramer@bbn.com (Nichael Cramer)
> Subject: Re: Emacs
> Date: 19 Jan 90 14:54:58 PST  (19 Jan 90 22:54:58 GMT)
> Organization: Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc., Cambridge MA
> For a Previous Employer, I had to write an easily-usable-by-VMS-and-other-
> business-weenies editor (that ran on the Lispm) which was named: DRIE
> DRIE Really Isn't EDT
> (...and, yes, I know it isn't spelled right.)

> From: wdh@well.UUCP (Bill Hofmann)
> Subject: Re: Emacs
> Date: 23 Jan 90 20:52:15 PST  (24 Jan 90 04:52:15 GMT)
> Organization: Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, Sausalito, CA
> I'd believe that excruciatingly detailed history of EMACS.
> However, I think that the influence of ice cream on computer systems,
> especially around MIT, can't be underestimated.  EMACS was the text editor,
> and the document formatter was known as BOLIO.  Now, at the time, one of
> the better known premium ice cream places was Emac and Bolio's.  Let's not
> forget mixins in Lisp Machine Lisp (or flavors)....
> =Bill=

> From: nhess@dvlseq.oracle.com (Nate Hess)
> Subject: Re: Emacs
> Date: 01 Feb 90 19:08:10 PST  (2 Feb 90 03:08:10 GMT)
> % ls -l /usr/local/bin/gnu/emacs /usr/ucb/vi /bin/ed /bin/cat
> -rwxr-xr-x  1 nhess     1350975 Jan 20 18:18 /usr/local/bin/gnu/emacs
> -rwxr-xr-x  6 root       155648 Nov 16  1988 /usr/ucb/vi
> -rwxr-xr-x  1 root        40960 Nov 16  1988 /bin/ed
> -rwxr-xr-x  1 root         9476 Nov 16  1988 /bin/cat
> It just keeps getting better and better, or worse and worse, depending
> on how you look at it.

> From: rlk@think.com (Robert Krawitz)
> Subject: Re: Emacs
> Date: 02 Feb 90 14:30:50 PST  (2 Feb 90 22:30:50 GMT)
> Well, there's always
> % ls -l /usr/bin/adb
> -rwxr-xr-x  1 root       114688 May 25  1989 /usr/bin/adb
> (emacs can't yet edit something the size of a decent filesystem).

> From: igb@fulcrum.bt.co.uk (Ian G Batten)
> Subject: Re: Cryptic comments
> Date: 02 Feb 90 04:39:31 PST  (2 Feb 90 12:39:31 GMT)
> As barmar confirmed, many of the comments in Multics' Emacs by Bernie
> Greenberg were in Latin.  Most of the code was as well:
> 	(buffer-est-delenda-p ...)
> and all the fenestra code.  Plus jeter-les-gazongas!
> ian