XEmacs / lisp / ChangeLog

1998-01-02  Didier Verna  <>

	* x-menubar.el (default-menubar): make the tutorials available
	through the menubar. (Plus some compilation warnings cleanup).

1998-01-04  SL Baur  <>

	* check-features.el: New file.  Perform sanity check after build.

	* dumped-lisp.el (preloaded-file-list): Move tooltalk dumped lisp
	files to tooltalk package.
	(preloaded-file-list): Moved sparcworks dumped lisp files to Sun

	* package-admin.el (package-admin-xemacs): Use better default for
	location of XEmacs binary.

1998-01-03  Aki Vehtari  <>

	* x-menubar.el (buffers-menu-submenus-for-groups-p): Replace const
	tag with sexp and add value tag with value `t'.

1998-01-03  SL Baur  <>

	* package-get.el: Changes to work with real data.
	From Pete Ware <>

	* packages.el (packages-reload-autoloads): Guard load for the time 

	* update-elc.el ("packages.el"): Force loading packages.el instead 
	of possibly out-of-date packges.elc.
	* make-docfile.el ("packages.el"): Ditto.

1998-01-02  Colin Rafferty  <>

	* build-report.el (build-report-delete-regexp): Added a rule for
	the main tarball shadowing anything past it.

1998-01-02  SL Baur  <>

	* packages.el (package-provide): Delete a previous provide.

	* package-info.el: New file.

	* package-get.el: New file.
	From Pete Ware <>
	(package-get): Fix md5 computation to work with Mule.

1997-12-11  Jens-Ulrik Holger Petersen  <>

	* simple.el (log-message-*): Quote symbols in docstrings properly.

1998-01-01  SL Baur  <>

	* packages.el (packages-new-autoloads): Ignore symbolic links.

	* cus-face.el (face-custom-attributes-get): Fix typo.
	From Jens-Ulrik Holger Petersen <>

1997-12-31  SL Baur  <>

	* startup.el (load-init-file): Reload new or changed autoloads
	unless inhibited.  Reload modified dumped lisp (stubbed).

	* packages.el (packages-new-autoloads): New function.
	(packages-reload-autoloads): New function.
	(packages-reload-dumped-lisp): New (stub) function.

	* loadup.el: Inhibit reloading dumped files when running temacs.

	* loadhist.el (file-provides): Extend to handle variant

	* replace.el (query-replace): Fix typo.

1997-12-30  SL Baur  <>

	* make-docfile.el: list-autoloads-path has been renamed.
	* update-elc.el: list-autoloads has been renamed.

	* packages.el (packages-list-autoloads): Renamed.
	(packages-list-autoloads-path): Ditto.

1997-12-29  Colin Rafferty  <>

	* packages.el (packages-find-packages-1): Made it signal a warning 
	for an error in an auto-autoload.el file.

1997-12-30  SL Baur  <>

	* x-menubar.el (buffers-menu-submenus-for-groups-p): Replace sexp
	tag with const.
	From Aki Vehtari <>

	* dumped-lisp.el (preloaded-file-list): Dump loadhist with XEmacs.

	* loadhist.el (unload-feature): Remove autoload.

1997-12-28  SL Baur  <>

	* loadhist.el: Unpackaged.

	* help.el (describe-symbol-find-file): Rename
	`describe-function-find-file' and make old name obsolete.
	(describe-function-1): Use it.
	(describe-function-1): Guard reference to

1997-12-27  Jens-Ulrik Holger Petersen  <>

	* help.el (help-mode-bury): Now a call to `help-mode-quit' with
	(help-mode-quit): New optional arg to control whether it kills or
	buries.  Tidied up.
	(with-displaying-help-buffer): Don't kill buffer initially, even
	if it exists: it is erased by `with-output-to-temp-buffer' anyway.
	(help-pretty-print-value): Rename back from
	`help-maybe-pretty-print-value'!  If `pp-internal' is available
	use it, otherwise use dumped `cl-prettyprint'.
	(describe-variable): Use `help-pretty-print-value' again.
	(find-func): Removed reference to "find-func" at end.

1997-12-26  Kirill M. Katsnelson  <>

	* dumped-lisp.el: x-menubar.el dumped along with mswindows native
	  GUI XEmacs. Rename? x-menubar is rather window system
	  independant, except for a couple of items.

1997-12-26  SL Baur  <>

	* x-menubar.el (default-menubar): Remove hyperbole and oobr
	entries as they will no longer be distributed with XEmacs.

	* format.el (format-alist): Fix image/tiff regexps.
	From P. E. Jareth Hein <>

	* help.el (help-maybe-pretty-print-value): Rename.
	(describe-variable): Use it.
	(describe-variable): Add trailing linefeed.

1997-12-26  Jens-Ulrik Holger Petersen  <>

	* help.el (describe-function-1): Don't output anything for
	  arglist of autoload functions.

1997-12-26  Jens-Ulrik Holger Petersen  <>

	* help.el (describe-function-1): Don't output anything for
	  arglist of autoload functions.

1997-12-26  Jens-Ulrik Holger Petersen  <>

	* help.el (help-mode-map): New bindings for `help-mode-bury',
 	`describe-function-at-point', `describe-variable-at-point',
 	`Info-elisp-ref', `customize-variable', `help-next-section' and
	(help-next-section): New function.
	(help-prev-section): New function.
	(help-mode-quit): Changed to kill the help buffer.
	(help-mode-bury): Formerly `help-mode-quit'.  Bury buffer
	(help-buffer-name): New function to generate the name of help
	(with-displaying-help-buffer): Is now a macro.  Takes an new first
 	argument giving the name of the help buffer.
	(describe-key): Use `with-displaying-help-buffer' with name.
	(describe-mode): Ditto.
	(describe-bindings): Ditto.
	(describe-prefix-bindings): Ditto.
	(view-lossage): Ditto.
	(with-syntax-table): New macro.
	(function-called-at-point): Use `ignore-errors' and
	(function-at-point): Ditto.
	(describe-function): Use `with-displaying-help-buffer' with name.
	(function-arglist): Extracted from `describe-function-1'.  Returns
 	function's arglist as string.
	(function-documentation): Extracted from `describe-function-1'.
  	Returns function's docstring.
	(describe-function-1): Remove all the "stream" garbage, including
	the stream argument.  Use `function-arglist' and
	(describe-function-arglist): Just use `function-arglist'.
	(variable-at-point): Use `ignore-errors' and `with-syntax-table'.
	(help-pretty-print-value): New function to help with
	pretty-printing variable values.  Knows about `#<...>'.  Needs
	(describe-variable): Use `with-displaying-help-buffer' with name.
	Formatting improved.  Display file where variable is defined, if
	known.  Use `help-pretty-print-value'.
	(describe-syntax): Use `with-displaying-help-buffer' with name.
	(list-processes): Remove "stream" garbage.

1997-12-25  SL Baur  <>

	* x-init.el (x-initialize-keyboard): Don't load x-win*.el files,
	call a dumped routine instead.

	* x-win-xfree86.el: Wrap file in defun.
	* x-win-sun.el: Ditto.

1997-12-23  SL Baur  <>

	* help.el (view-emacs-news): Remove usage of outl-mouse which
	advises functions and does other evil things.

1997-12-22  SL Baur  <>

	* format.el (format-alist): Add `image/tiff'.
	From P. E. Jareth Hein <>

1997-12-21  SL Baur  <>

	* about.el (about-hackers): More names added.

	* make-docfile.el: Remove superfluous package path search.

	* loaddefs.el: Commentary changes.  Removal of VM autoloads.

1997-12-20  SL Baur  <>

	* shadow.el (find-emacs-lisp-shadows): Add _pkg to the list of
	ignored shadows.

1997-12-18  SL Baur  <>

	* startup.el (set-default-load-path): Make sure lisp and site-lisp 
	get trailing slashes when added to the load-path.

	* x-init.el (init-x-win): Locate where XEmacs X localization files 

1997-12-18  Kyle Jones  <>

	* x-faces.el: Added support for foregroundToolBarColor
	  to xpm-color-symbols.

1997-12-17  Hrvoje Niksic  <>

	* etags.el (tags-remove-duplicates): Removed.
	(buffer-tag-table-list): Use `delete-duplicates'.

	* cl-extra.el (coerce): Coerce to bit-vector and weak-list
	(get*): Defalias to `get'.

	* cl.el (eql): Compare integers with `eq'.
	(cl-map-extents): Check for `map-extents' first.

1997-12-17  Didier Verna  <>

	* leim/quail/latin-pre.el ("french-prefix"): doc string cleanup +
 	added the 'numero', 'copyright' and 'trademark' symbols.

	* leim/quail/latin-post.el ("french-postfix"): see above.

1997-12-15  Hrvoje Niksic  <>

	* widget.el (define-widget): Check the arguments.

	* cus-edit.el (customize-face): Use `check-argument-type'.
	(custom-variable-value-create): Use `signal' to signal error.
	(custom-variable-reset-saved): Ditto.
	(custom-variable-reset-standard): Ditto.
	(custom-face-reset-saved): Ditto.

	* wid-edit.el (widget-prompt-value): Use `signal' to signal error.
	(widget-default-format-handler): Ditto.
	(widget-checklist-add-item): Ditto.
	(widget-radio-add-item): Ditto.
	(widget-editable-list-entry-create): Ditto.
	(widget-sexp-prompt-value): Ditto.

	* custom.el (custom-declare-variable): Signal errors better.
	(custom-handle-keyword): Ditto.
	(custom-declare-group): Ditto.

	* window-xemacs.el (windows): Ditto.

	* menubar.el (menu): Ditto.

	* keydefs.el (keyboard): Ditto.

	* minibuf.el (minibuffer): Ditto.

	* process.el (execute): Ditto.

	* fill.el (fill): Ditto.

	* modeline.el (modeline): Ditto.

	* help.el (help): Ditto.

	* faces.el (faces): Ditto.

	* files.el (files): Ditto.

	* x-init.el (x): Ditto.

	* lisp-mode.el (lisp): Ditto.

	* process.el (processes): Ditto.

	* mouse.el (mouse): Ditto.

	* abbrev.el (abbrev): Moved from cus-edit.

	* font-lock.el (lisp-font-lock-keywords-1): Recognize `defcustom'
	as variable declaration.

1997-12-15  Hrvoje Niksic  <>

	* menubar.el (find-menu-item): Use `check-argument-type'.
	(find-menu-item): Cosmetic changes.

1997-12-18  SL Baur  <>

	* x-menubar.el (default-menubar): Guard usage of lpr-switches.

1997-12-17  SL Baur  <>

	* startup.el (set-default-load-path): Only search package-path
	when not running temacs.

	* dumped-lisp.el (preloaded-file-list): Remove Egg/Its dumped lisp 

	* loadup.el: Correct commentary.  Reformatting.
	(really-early-error-handler): Use absolute path to the 
	first dumped-lisp.el file.
	(really-early-error-handler): Print full path name of
	each dumped lisp file (inherited from InfoDock).

	* shadow.el (find-emacs-lisp-shadows): Ignore multiple
	dumped-lisp.el files.

	* make-docfile.el (preloaded-file-list): Reorder when the
	package-path is searched.
	* update-elc.el: Ditto.

	* lisp-mode.el (call-with-condition-handler): Treat the same as
	`condition-case' for indentation.

	* about.el (about-xemacs): Update release date.

1997-12-17  Hrvoje Niksic  <>

	* cl-macs.el (case): Signal error if `t' or `otherwise' are seen
	anywhere but at the last clause.
	(ecase): Disallow `t' and `otherwise'.

1997-12-16  Jens-Ulrik Holger Petersen  <>

	* cus-edit.el (custom-buffer-create-buttons): New function
	from stuff moved out of `custom-buffer-create-internal'.
	(custom-novice): New variable.  Default t.
	(custom-display-global-buttons): Ditto.  Default `top'.
	(custom-buffer-create-internal): Only display help if
	`custom-novice' is non-nil.  Display global buttons according to

1997-12-15  Hrvoje Niksic  <>

	* menubar.el (find-menu-item): Use `check-argument-type'.
	(find-menu-item): Cosmetic changes.

1997-12-15  Hrvoje Niksic  <>

	* modeline.el (mouse-drag-modeline): Give the modeline a "pressed" 

1997-12-16  Oscar Figueiredo <>

	* format.el (format-deannotate-region):  Bug fix.
	Deannotating a region containing unknown tags would fail
	(causing decoding of text/enriched to fail at user level)

1997-12-16  Kyle Jones  <>

	* minibuf.el (read-directory-name): Support sixth
	  arg, HISTORY, as already documented.

1997-12-17  Hrvoje Niksic  <>

	* etags.el (get-tag-table-buffer): Use explicit lists as arguments 
	to `ecase'.

1997-12-14  SL Baur  <>

	* skk/skk-leim.el (skk-auto-fill-activate): Synch with

1997-12-13  SL Baur  <>

	* dumped-lisp.el (preloaded-file-list): Remove debugging statement.