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XEmacs / lib-src / config.values.in

;;; Do not edit this file!
;;; This file was automatically generated, by the config.values.sh script,
;;; from configure, which was itself automatically generated from configure.in.
;;; See lisp/config.el for details on how this file is used.
;;; You are trapped in a twisty maze of strange-looking files, all autogenerated...

;;; configure        is created, from configure.in,     by autoconf
;;; config.values.in is created, from configure,        by config.values.sh
;;; config.values    is created, from config.values.in, by configure
;;; config.values    is read by lisp/config.el,
;;;                  to create the (Lisp object) config-value-hash-table

;;; Variables defined in configure by AC_SUBST follow:
;;; (These are used in Makefiles)

;;; Variables defined in configure by AC_DEFINE and AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED follow:
;;; (These are used in C code)