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This directory tree holds version 21.0 of XEmacs, the extensible,
customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor.  This version
of XEmacs also runs on various Microsoft Windows platforms including
MS Windows '95 and MS Windows NT and Cygwin.

See the file `etc/NEWS' for information on new features and other
user-visible changes since the last version of XEmacs.

The file `INSTALL' in this directory says how to bring up XEmacs on
Unix and Cygwin, once you have loaded the entire subtree of this

The file `PROBLEMS' contains information on many common problems that
occur in building, installing and running XEmacs.

See the file `nt/README' for instructions on building XEmacs for
Microsoft Windows.

Reports of bugs in XEmacs should be posted to the newsgroup
comp.emacs.xemacs or sent to the mailing list xemacs@xemacs.org.  See
the "Bugs" section of the XEmacs manual for more information on how to
report bugs.  (The file `BUGS' in this directory explains how you can
find and read that section using the Info files that come with
XEmacs.)  See `etc/MAILINGLISTS' for more information on mailing lists
relating to XEmacs and other GNU products.

The file `configure' is a shell script to acclimate XEmacs to the
oddities of your processor and operating system.  It will create a
file named `Makefile' (a script for the `make' program), which helps
automate the process of building and installing emacs.  See INSTALL
for more detailed information.

The file `configure.in' is the input used by the autoconf program to
construct the `configure' script.  Since XEmacs has configuration
requirements that autoconf can't meet, `configure.in' uses an unholy
marriage of custom-baked configuration code and autoconf macros; it
may be wise to avoid rebuilding `configure' from `configure.in' when

The file `Makefile.in' is a template used by `configure' to create

There are several subdirectories:

`src' holds the C code for Emacs (the XEmacs Lisp interpreter and its
    primitives, the redisplay code, and some basic editing functions).
`lisp' holds the Emacs Lisp code for XEmacs (most everything else).
`lib-src' holds the source code for some utility programs for use by
    or with XEmacs, like movemail and etags.
`etc' holds miscellaneous architecture-independent data files
    XEmacs uses, like the tutorial text and the Zippy the Pinhead quote
    database.  The contents of the `lisp', `info' and `man'
    subdirectories are architecture-independent too.
`lwlib' holds the C code for the toolkit objects used by XEmacs.

`info' holds the Info documentation tree for XEmacs.
`man' holds the source code for the XEmacs info documentation tree.

`msdos' holds configuration files for compiling XEmacs under MSDOG.
    See the file etc/MSDOS for more information.

`nt' holds configuration files for compiling XEmacs under Microsoft Windows
    NT.  The support for NT is very tentative right now.