XEmacs / lib-src /

### --- update loaddefs.el as necessary

set -eu

# This means we're running in a Sun workspace
if [ -d ../era-specific ]; then
  cd ../editor

# get to the right directory
if [ ! -d ./lisp ]; then
  if [ -d ../lisp ]; then
    cd ..
    echo $0: neither ./lisp/ nor ../lisp/ exist
    exit 1

echo " (using $EMACS)"

export EMACS

REAL=`cd \`dirname $EMACS\` ; pwd | sed 's|^/tmp_mnt||'`/`basename $EMACS`

echo "Recompiling in `pwd|sed 's|^/tmp_mnt||'`"
echo "          with $REAL..."

$EMACS -batch -q -f batch-update-autoloads \
  `ls lisp | egrep -v \
  "COPYING|README|SCCS|egg|eterm|its|mule|paths.el|quail|version.el|vms" \
  | xargs -i echo lisp/\{\}`
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