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This directory contains some text files of documentation for XEmacs or
of interest to XEmacs users, some programs used by or with XEmacs, and
the file of on-line documentation for XEmacs.

COPYING			GNU Public License
ChangeLog		ChangeLog for etc/
ETAGS.EBNF              Description of TAGS file format
Emacs.ad		Sample Resource file
HELLO			Hello in many languages (Mule test file)
InstallGuide		Fast track to installation
NEWS			XEmacs 21.5 release information
ONEWS			Older release information
OONEWS			Even older release information
README			This file
TUTORIAL		Tutorial for first time users (English version)
TUTORIAL.*		Tutorials in non-English languages
VEGETABLES		XEmacs 21.5 code names
XKeysymDB		X Keysym Database with Motif bindings
cbx.png			"Created by XEmacs" logo (150x54 8bpp)
ctags.1			Ctags man page
custom/			Images used in Custom mode
editclient.sh		Either start up XEmacs or connect to a running one
emacsstrs.sco		Special files for running on an SCO console
eos/			Images for EOS support (GUD)
etags.1			Etags man page
gnuattach.1		Gnuattach man page
gnuclient.1		Gnuclient man page
gnudoit.1		Gnudoit man page
gnuserv.1		Gnuserv man page
gnuserv.README		Original README file from gnuserv
gray1.xbm		Halftone gray bitmap (16x16)
idd/			?
package-index.LATEST.gpg ?
photos/*		Various pictures of XEmacs developers
recycle.xpm		Chartreuse recycle cursor (51x51)
recycle2.xpm		Chartreuse recycle cursor (32x32)
refcard.ps.gz		Postscript version of XEmacs reference card
refcard.tex		XEmacs reference card
sample.Xdefaults	(legacy -- to be removed)
sample.Xresources	Example ~/.Xresources file
sample.init.el		Example ~/.xemacs/init.el file
sparcworks/		Support files for Sparcworks
tests/			Testcases for external widget
toolbar/		Image files for the toolbar
trash.xpm		B&W garbage can icon (32x46)
unicode/		Unicode conversion tables
xemacs-X-16.png		Violet boxed X icon (16x16)
xemacs-X-32.png		Violet boxed X icon (32x32)
xemacs-X.ico		Violet boxed X icon in MS Windows format
xemacs-beta.xpm		XEmacs Beta logo for splashscreen (388x145)
xemacs-enhanced.png	"XEmacs-enhanced" logo (90x32)
xemacs-fe.sh		XEmacs frontend driver
xemacs-icon.xpm		Color XE on page icon (48x48)
xemacs-icon2.xbm	B&W kitchen sink icon (50x50)
xemacs-icon2.xpm	Color kitchen sink icon (50x50)
xemacs-icon3.xpm	Grayscale X icon (48x48)
xemacs.1		XEmacs man page
xemacs.xbm		Half-tone XEmacs logo (266x61)
xemacs.xpm		XEmacs logo for splashscreen (388x145)