XEmacs / lwlib / lwlib-Xlw.h

#ifndef LWLIB_XLW_H
#define LWLIB_XLW_H

#include "lwlib-internal.h"

extern widget_creation_entry xlw_creation_table [];
extern widget_creation_function xlw_create_dialog;

lw_lucid_widget_p (Widget widget);

xlw_update_one_widget (widget_instance* instance, Widget widget,
		       widget_value* val, Boolean deep_p);

xlw_update_one_value (widget_instance* instance, Widget widget,
		      widget_value* val);

xlw_destroy_instance (widget_instance* instance);

xlw_pop_instance (widget_instance* instance, Boolean up);

xlw_popup_menu (Widget widget, XEvent *event);

#endif /* LWLIB_XLW_H */
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