xemacsweb / genpage.conf

adriana 00f8a58 

adriana 124861e 

adriana 7a5c652 
adriana adcc427 
adriana 19c3d4c 

adrian 8c02730 
adriana 00f8a58 
adriana 3406309 
adriana 19c3d4c 
adriana 00f8a58 

adriana 124861e 
adriana 759c0d6 
# Example paramaters for genpage.
# Note: It's case sensitive for now.
#      Command line options override what's in here!
template 	= template.html
contentdir 	= .
layoutdir	= .
outputdir 	= .
force 		= 0
debug 		= 0
quiet 		= 0
ignore_regexp 	= ^.*\.news$|CVS|genpage|.*,v$|^\#.*\#$|.*~$|.*\.err$|\b[Mm]akefile$|\b.*\.mak$|\btemplate*.html$|\.elc?$|\bTexi2html\b|\blinklint\b|\bDocumentation[/\\]beta\b
suffix 		= .html
glossary 	= ./glossary
afterpass	=
evalparam	=
execute		=
includedir	= .
libdir      = genpage/lib
recipes		=
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