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Michael Sperber  committed 0325313

Notes and script on how to update the web pages on tux.

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 detailed list of changes.
+* Updating the web site
+The web site resides on gwyn.tux.org; all the data is in the directory
+/web/http-xemacs/xemacsweb/.  Make sure that all the files from this
+repository are also in /web/http-xemacs/xemacsweb (via rsync), and run
+"make all" in that directory on tux.
+The command
+does both.  It requires ssh access to the xemacweb@gwyn.tux.org account.
 * Changes in xemacsweb r2-00

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+; Revisit:

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+# start from the root of the xemacsweb directory:
+# etc/update-tux.sh
+rsync --verbose --exclude-from=etc/rsync-exclude.txt -av --delete --rsh=ssh ./ xemacweb@gwyn.tux.org:/web/http-xemacs/xemacsweb/
+ssh xemacweb@gwyn.tux.org "cd /web/http-xemacs/xemacsweb; make all"