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[PATCH] dk-xemacsweb: Automate (and document) init after checkout <>

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+2001-08-18  Adrian Aichner  <>
+	* Makefile (htdocs): Remove genpage-time-stamp.
+	* Makefile (init): New rule to Automate (and more importantly
+	document) required steps after checkout.
+	* Makefile (clean): Remove genpage-time-stamp.
 2001-08-17  Adrian Aichner  <>
 	* index.content: The xemacsweb CVS repository is now on
 	$(XEMACS) $(FLAGS) -f batch-byte-compile $<
 # APA: Default target (first to occur in file):
-htdocs: $(ELCS) genpage-time-stamp htdocs-time-stamp
+htdocs: $(ELCS) htdocs-time-stamp
 validate: htdocs validate-time-stamp
+all: validate
+# APA: To be run after initial checkout of module.
+# Create compatibility link faq.
+# configure and build Texi2html.
 # APA: Build the genpage documentation.  Maintain a timestamp to avoid
 # needless re-generation of genpage release documentation.
 # APA: The genpage/content/index.content is not the only dependency,
 # but any improvements should go into the genpage/Makefile itself and
 # be integrated with a genpage release.
-genpage-time-stamp: genpage/content/index.content
-	cd genpage;	$(MAKE) gp
-	touch genpage-time-stamp
-all: validate
+	ln -s FAQ faq
+	cd genpage; $(MAKE) gp
+	cd Texi2html; bash configure; make
+	cd FAQ; $(MAKE)
 # APA: When contentdir and outputdir are the same then, and only then,
 # genpage depends only on content files.  Copying of all other files
 # files.  Need to remove timestamp files as well!
 	$(FIND) . \( -name "*.content" -o -name "*~" \) -print | perl -ne "{ chomp; s/\.content/.html/; unlink; }"
-	rm genpage-time-stamp
 	rm htdocs-time-stamp
 	rm validate-time-stamp