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Reflect move of xemacsweb to Bitbucket.

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+2012-01-03  Michael Sperber  <>
+	* Website.content: Note the move to Bitbucket.
 2009-11-11  Stephen Turnbull  <>
 	* created.content: Add FoundrySET (contact Hasan I. Al-Sheboul


-        All site content is under CVS control.</p></li>
+        All site content is in a Mercurial repository.</p></li>
-        CVS commits update all website mirrors automatically.</p></li>
+        A script pushes the content to the actual web site, and
+        generates the HTML pages there.</p></li>
-        The XEmacs website is just another CVS working directory
+        The XEmacs website is just another Mercurial working directory
         containing the latest revisions of files from the repository.
-        Consequently all its ChangeLog files, .cvsignore files,
+        Consequently all its ChangeLog files, files,
         genpage .content files, perl scripts, emacs-lisp files are
         also available via the website.</p></li>
   <hr />
-  <h2>XEmacs <a id="XWCR" name="XWCR">Website</a> CVS Repository</h2>
+  <h2>XEmacs <a id="XWCR" name="XWCR">Website</a> Mercurial Repository</h2>
   <p><a href="#index">Goto</a> Index</p>
-    The XEmacs Website repository is hosted by
-    <a href=""></a>
+    The XEmacs Mercurial repository is hosted by
+    <a href="">Bitbucket</a>
-    can be <a href=""
+    can be <a href=""
               >browsed</a> by anyone.</p>
-  <h3><a id="ACA" name="ACA">Anonymous</a> CVS Access</h3>
+  <h3><a id="ACA" name="ACA">Anonymous</a> Mercurial Access</h3>
   <p><a href="#index">Goto</a> Index</p>
-    Sources can be checked out into a local working directory very
+    Sources can be checked out into a local repository very
     easily and anonymously too:</p>
   <pre xml:space="preserve">
-$ <strong>cvs -d login</strong>
-Logging in to
-CVS password:<cite>&lt;press Enter or RETURN key&gt;</cite>
-$ <strong>cvs -f -z3 -d \
-      checkout -P xemacsweb</strong>
-cvs server: Updating xemacsweb
-U xemacsweb/.cvsignore
-&lt;lines deleted by Adrian&gt;
-U xemacsweb/genpage/news.themes/slashdot.gpnewstheme
+$ <strong>hg clone</strong>
 $ <strong>cd xemacsweb</strong>
 $ <strong>make init</strong>
 ln -s FAQ faq
-    This is enough for people without write access to the CVS
+    This is enough for people without write access to the Mercurial
     repository to make local changes for submission as patches or
     even to create a mirror site!</p>
-  <h3><a id="CCAvS" name="CCAvS">CVS Commit Access via SSH</a></h3>
+  <h3><a id="CCAvS" name="CCAvS">Mercurial Push Access via SSH</a></h3>
   <p><a href="#index">Goto</a> Index</p>
     <a href=""></a>)
     to the repository directly.</p>
-  <!-- Produced by:
-  c:\Hacking\\xemacs-builds\adrian\website\ -path XEmacs/xemacsweb ../../../CVSROOT/avail
-  Id:,v 1.4 2006-02-12 16:40:39 adrian Exp 
-  at Sat Dec  5 12:25:02 2009 UTC -->
-    The repository at went live at the end of 2009.
-    Following users can commit their changes to
-    the repository themselves, as of 2009-12-05 UTC.</p>
-  <table border="1">
-    <tbody>
-      <tr>
-        <!-- one of (td th) -->
-        <td>acs-xemacs-guest</td>
-        <td>apa-guest</td>
-        <td>crestani-guest</td>
-      </tr>
-      <tr>
-        <!-- one of (td th) -->
-        <td>daiki-guest</td>
-        <td>didier-guest</td>
-        <td>jjames-guest</td>
-      </tr>
-      <tr>
-        <!-- one of (td th) -->
-        <td>sperber-guest</td>
-        <td>sxemacs-guest</td>
-        <td>unwelcome-guest</td>
-      </tr>
-      <tr>
-        <!-- one of (td th) -->
-        <td>viteno-guest</td>
-      </tr>
-    </tbody>
-  </table>
+    The repository at Bitbucket went live at the end of 2011.
+  </p>
-    Here is an example for an actual commit.  Your ssh identity
+    Here is an example for an actual push.  Your Bitbucket access
     will authenticate you as one of the above, if you're lucky
   <pre xml:space="preserve">
-<strong>cvs -f -z3 -d \
-commit -m '[A] [C] xemacsweb: fix url for master website' \
+<strong>hg commit -m '[A] [C] xemacsweb: fix url for master website' \
 About/ChangeLog About/Website.content</strong>
-**** Access allowed: Personal Karma exceeds Environmental Karma.
-/cvsroot/xemacs/XEmacs/xemacsweb/About/ChangeLog,v  &lt;--  About/ChangeLog
-new revision: 1.232; previous revision: 1.231
-/cvsroot/xemacs/XEmacs/xemacsweb/About/Website.content,v  &lt;--  About/Website.content
-new revision: 1.74; previous revision: 1.73
-Processing log script arguments...
-Mailing the commit message to (from
-Updating XEmacs master website as at
+<strong>hg push</strong>
-    This will cause all master websites (i.e. <a
+    <em>This will <strong>only</strong> update the Mercurial
+    repository, <strong>not</strong> the web site itself.</em>  If you want to update the
+    web site, you'll need access to the
+    <code></code>  account.  Then you can run:</p>
+  <pre xml:space="preserve">
+  </pre>
+  <p>This will cause all master websites (i.e. <a
     href=""></a>, as
-    of 2009-12-05) to be updated and the affected files validated
+    of 2012-01-04) to be updated and the affected files validated
   <h2>Automatic <a id="AWU" name="AWU">Website</a> Update</h2>
   <p><a href="#index">Goto</a> Index</p>
-  <p>
-    This is performed via the shared project accounts named
-    <strong></strong> (for <a
-    href=""></a>).</p>
-  <p>
-    <a>Use alias <strong>web-update</strong> in any of these accounts
-      to
-      update the website from CVS manually, but only if the automatic
-      update is broken.</a></p>
-  <p>
-    A loginfo entry for the <cite>xemacsweb</cite> module on
- currently (2009-12-05) takes care of the
-    automatic update of <a
-    href=""></a>, which involves a
-    <cite>cvs update</cite>, followed by a <cite>make
-      all</cite> run.</p>
-  <p>
-    Please note that a failing <cite>cvs update</cite> (e.g. due to a
-    CVS conflict) will cause <cite>make all</cite> not to be run!  CVS
-    conflicts on our master websites really need to be fixed
-    anyway.</p>
-  <p>
-    Commits also cause a mail message to be sent to the list
-    <a href="">xemacs-cvs</a>,
-    which is one of the XEmacs
-    <a href="<!-- _GP_ relPath(qq{Lists/index.html}) -->">mailing lists</a>.
-  </p>
   <hr />
   <h2>Automatic <a id="AWV" name="AWV">Website</a> Validation</h2>
     A small lisp module,
-    <a href="">xemacsweb/batch-psgml-validate.el</a>,
+    <a href="">xemacsweb/batch-psgml-validate.el</a>,
     utilizes <cite>PSGML</cite> to validate buffers, files, or directories,
     according to the DTD they contain.</p>
     to give a common look to HTML
     content in this site by wrapping it into HTML templates.
     Currently the only template in use is
-    <a href=""
+    <a href=""
       >xemacsweb/template.html</a>.  genpage is run by the
-    <a href=""
+    <a href=""
       >xemacsweb/Makefile</a> according to the configuration
     defined in
-    <a href=""
+    <a href=""
     We currently use genpage version 1.0.7, imported on a vendor
     branch.  Local changes were necessary to make it work for the
     XEmacs site, and to make it work on Windows NT (see
-    <a href=""
+    <a href=""
       >xemacsweb/genpage/ChangeLog</a> for details).  These
     will need to be reviewed when a
     <a href="<!-- _GP_ relPath(qq{genpage/www/completenews.html}) -->"
     Special consideration had to be given to
-    <a href=""
+    <a href=""
       >xemacsweb/template.html</a>.  This genpage template
     is used to provide a consistent look for the XEmacs site.  It
     wraps all HTML content of .content files in the xemacsweb
     Use <a
-      href=""
+      href=""
       >xemacsweb/</a> to convert all .html
     files in a specified directory (recursively) to .content files.
     Existing .content files will not be overwritten.</p>
     This step has been automated for the Stable and Beta XEmacs
     development branches.  See function
     <cite>release-mail-to-html</cite> in
-    <a href="">xemacsweb/release-mail-to-html.el</a>.  A new
+    <a href="">xemacsweb/release-mail-to-html.el</a>.  A new
     .content file can be auto-generated by running</p>