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[C] xemacsweb: Makefile improvements spurred by Stephen's feedback <65vekhsw.fsf@smtprelay.T-Online.De>

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+2002-11-03  Adrian Aichner  <adrian@xemacs.org>
+	* Makefile (XEMACS): Change commented command.
+	* Makefile (LINKLINT): Use linklint-2.3.6.d-adrian.
+	* Makefile (validate): Make default target for general use.
+	* Makefile (htdocs): Drop namazu-re-index dependency.
+	* Makefile (all): Add namazu-re-index dependency.  This target is
+	used by commit-trigger.
 2002-11-02  Stephen J. Turnbull  <stephen@xemacs.org>
 	* index.content: XEmacs 21.4.10 "Military Intelligence" is released.

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 .SUFFIXES: .content .html .el .elc # Define our suffix list
 # APA: This is what I use on my Windows 2000 machine:
-# XEMACS="//c/Program Files/XEmacs/XEmacs-21.1.14/i386-pc-win32/xemacs.exe"
+XEMACS="/cygdrive/c/Program Files/XEmacs/XEmacs-21.1.14/i386-pc-win32/xemacs.exe"
+# XEMACS=xemacs
 # FLAGS=-batch -q -no-site-file
 FLAGS=-batch -vanilla
 # APA: Windows has its own, inadequate find, use Cygwin instead!
-# FIND="//c/cygwin/bin/find.exe"
+# FIND=find
 # APA: Where to find and how to run linklint.
-# LINKLINT=perl linklint-2.3.3
+LINKLINT=perl linklint-2.3.6.d-adrian
+# LINKLINT=linklint
 # ${PWD} doesnt seem to get set on www.xemacs.org
+# APA: Default target (first to occur in file):
+validate: htdocs validate-time-stamp
+htdocs: $(ELCS) htdocs-time-stamp
 # APA: Compile any lisp file for performance (a bit simple-minded, maybe).
 %.elc: %.el
 	$(XEMACS) $(FLAGS) -f batch-byte-compile $<
-# APA: Default target (first to occur in file):
-htdocs: $(ELCS) htdocs-time-stamp namazu-re-index
-validate: htdocs validate-time-stamp
-all: Download/win32 validate
+all: Download/win32 validate namazu-re-index
 # APA: Run linklint on the local working directory tree, including
 # remote link checking (-net).