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[xemacsweb PATCH] Fix my mixup of list structure in A..X/init-files.content <>

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File Architecting-XEmacs/ChangeLog

+2000-10-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
+	* init-files.content: Fix list structure manually mixed-up by my
+	HTML to XHTML conversion.
 2000-10-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
 	* I18N.content: Convert to conform with XHTML Transitional DTD.

File Architecting-XEmacs/init-files.content

 	    <li><p>After the pre-init file has been run, all of the rest of the
                   pre-init properties are determined, and these values are then used to
                   control the initialization process.  Some of the rules used in
-                  determining specific properties are:</p></li>
+                  determining specific properties are:</p>
-                <li><ol>
+	    <ol>
 		<li><p>If the <code>.xemacs</code> sub-directory exists, and it's not
                       obviously a package root (which probably means that it contains a file
 		<li><p>If the init file directory is the user's home directory, then the
                       custom init file is called <code>.xemacs-custom-init.el</code>.
                       Otherwise, it's called <code>custom-init.el</code>.</p></li>
-	  </ol></li>
+	      </ol>
 	    <li><p>After the first normal device is created, but before any frames
                   are created on it, the XEmacs initialization code checks to see if the