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[xemacsweb PATCH] rebuild htdocs when template-de.html changes <>

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+2000-10-18  Adrian Aichner  <>
+	* Makefile (htdocs-time-stamp): Make it depend on template-de.html
+	as well.  This is not true but the actual dependencies cannot be
+	deduced without parsing the %template% content file genpage tags.
 2000-10-18  Adrian Aichner  <>
 	* template-de.html: More translations (a bit pathetic).
 # genpage depends only on content files.  Copying of all other files
 # (from contentdir to outputdir) is not necessary in this case.
-htdocs-time-stamp: $(CONTENT_FILES) template.html
+htdocs-time-stamp: $(CONTENT_FILES) template.html template-de.html
 	perl ./genpage/bin/genpage -p $(GENPAGE_CONF) -o "."
 	touch htdocs-time-stamp