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validate only files younger than timestamp, make it part of default target

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+HTML_FILES=$(shell find . -name "*.html" -print)
 # APA: Compile any lisp file for performance (a bit simple-minded, maybe).
 %.elc: %.el
 	$(XEMACS) $(FLAGS) -f batch-byte-compile $<
+# APA: Now that we validate only files younger than
+# validate-time-stamp we can afford to make this the default target.
+all: htdocs validate
 # APA: Default target (first to occur in file):
 htdocs: index.content $(ELCS)
-	perl ./genpage/bin/genpage -d -p $(GENPAGE_CONF) -o $(WEBDIR)
+	perl ./genpage/bin/genpage -p $(GENPAGE_CONF) -o $(WEBDIR)
 # See batch-psgml-validate.el for details, in particular ...
 # (defun batch-psgml-validate (&optional file-or-dir)
 # (defun batch-psgml-validate-file (file &optional insert-result indent)
 # (defun batch-psgml-validate-buffer (&optional insert-result indent)
-	$(XEMACS) $(FLAGS) -l ./batch-psgml-validate.elc -f batch-psgml-validate $(WEBDIR)
+validate: validate-time-stamp
-all: htdocs validate
+# APA: Validate only files younger than time-stamp file created by
+# previous validation
+validate-time-stamp: $(HTML_FILES)
+	$(XEMACS) $(FLAGS) -l ./batch-psgml-validate.elc -f batch-psgml-validate $?
+	touch validate-time-stamp
 # APA: We MUST NOT do this because output files are not kept separate:
 # clean:
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