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Change some more references to CVS to Mercurial.

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File About/ChangeLog

+2012-01-08  Michael Sperber  <>
+	* XEmacsVsGNUemacs.content: Replace description of source code
+	management.
+	* XEmacsServices.content: Change references to CVS to Mercurial.
 2012-01-03  Michael Sperber  <>
 	* Website.content: Note the move to Bitbucket.

File About/XEmacsServices.content

 	    several hours in updating the IPs, which are changing.
 	    (We've done our best to shorten such delays, but they are
 	    not entirely under our control.)
-	    <a href="<!-- _GP_ relPath(qq{Develop/cvsaccess.html}) -->">CVS</a>
+	    <a href="<!-- _GP_ relPath(qq{Develop/hgaccess.html}) -->">Mercurial</a>
 	    is hosted separately, and should continue to be available
 	    as usual.

File About/XEmacsVsGNUemacs.content

-    XEmacs's bundled packages and the stable XEmacs 21.4 line are kept
-    in a <a href="">CVS
-      repository</a>, while starting in December 2007, the mainline
-    development was moved to a
-    <a href="">Mercurial
-      repository</a>.   GNU Emacs continues to use CVS although 3rd
-    parties provide bzr, GNU Arch, Darcs, and git repositories, and a
-    move to bzr is under discussion.
+    The XEmacs source code is managed using <a
+    href="">Mercurial</a>,
+    whereas the GNU Emacs source code is managed using Bazaar.

File Develop/ChangeLog

+2012-01-08  Michael Sperber  <>
+	* hgaccess.content: Remove references to CVS.
 2012-01-04  Michael Sperber  <>
 	* packages.content: Reflect the move to bitbucket.

File Develop/hgaccess.content

       The XEmacs Lisp packages are now unbundled, and are
-      available from the <a href="cvsaccess.html">CVS repository</a>.
+      available from the <a href="hgaccess.html">Mercurial repository</a>.
       Older versions of XEmacs, including the currently stable version
-      (21.4) may also be checked out from <a href="cvsaccess.html">CVS
+      (21.4) may also be checked out from <a href="hgaccess.html">Mercurial
       For those of you wishing to work with XEmacs 21, you should
       probably know about our packaging system. All the details are
-      available <a href="packages.html">here</a>, and there is also an
-      <a href="cvsaccess.html#packages">introduction to the packages
-	CVS repository</a>.</p>
+      available <a href="packages.html">here</a>.</p>
     <h3><a name="webaccess">Web Access</a></h3>
       Anybody who has become reasonably well-known to the
       <a href="jobs.html">XEmacs Reviewers</a> can get access to 
-      commit to the repository.  (You can also
-      <a href="cvsaccess.html#committers">get commit access to the
-      Packages repository</a>.)  This has the following advantages:</p>
+      commit to the repository.  This has the following advantages:</p>

File Download/ChangeLog

+2012-01-08  Michael Sperber  <>
+	* index.content: Replace references to CVS by Mercurial.
 2012-01-04  Michael Sperber  <>
 	* how-to-mirror-web.content:

File Download/index.content

       Unreleased developmental versions can be found at <a href="<!--
-      _GP_ relPath(qq{Develop/cvsaccess.html}) -->"><!--
-      _GP_ relPath(qq{Develop/cvsaccess.html}) --></a>.</li>
+      _GP_ relPath(qq{Develop/hgaccess.html}) -->"><!--
+      _GP_ relPath(qq{Develop/hgaccess.html}) --></a>.</li>