xemacsweb / Documentation / ChangeLog

2000-10-26  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* packageGuide.content: Comply with XML's anchor name attribute
	which is limited to NMTOKEN, as opposed to CDATA in HTML4.

2000-10-19  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* index.content: Remove stale link to (reported by Joe Van Andel
	<>).  Point to instead.

2000-10-15  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* packageGuide.content: Convert to conform with XHTML Transitional

2000-08-19  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* index.content: Fix HMTL error I introduced.

2000-08-18  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* packageGuide.content: Remove empty lines in genpage content tags
	to avoid \n in HMTL attributes.

2000-08-03  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* packageGuide.content: Conversion of links using 'cd xemacsweb;
	perl' to make them relative.

2000-07-30  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* packageGuide.content: Fix more validation errors.

2000-07-26  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* packageGuide.content: Fix validation errors.
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