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How to become a mirror of the XEmacs FTP site
the Apache group
Andrew J Cosgriff
  <h1>How <a id="HtBaMotXFS" name="HtBaMotXFS">to</a> Become a Mirror of the XEmacs FTP Site</h1>
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    If you are in a part of the world which seems poorly served by our
    existing mirror sites, we would encourage you to set up a local
    mirror of the FTP site for you and others in your
    part of the world to use.  So that others may find it, we'll list
    it on our <a href="index.html">mirrors</a> page.</p>

  <h2><a id="R" name="R">Requirements</a></h2>
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    We have a few requirements for those wishing to run a mirror:</p>

        You must carry the complete site, with no "local"

        You must do an update-check at least twice a week.</p></li>

        You must subscribe to the
        <a href=""
          >mailing list</a> for mirror maintainers.</p></li>

    More requirements may be placed at some point in the future, but
    for now that's all there is.</p>

    Also note that :</p>

        The FTP site is approximately 2.2 gigabytes at the time of
        writing (December 2001).</p></li>

        We highly recommend that you run your mirroring software
        between midnight and 4am US Eastern Standard Time (4am-8am
        GMT), when traffic to is at its

  <h2><a id="MT" name="MT">Mirroring</a> Techniques</h2>
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    There are a couple different ways to mirror the XEmacs web site.
    Here is the list of ways we make available, in order of decreasing


        Use rsync.  You can find details on rsync at
        <a href=""></a>.
        To mirror the XEmacs website, you could use something like :</p>

      <pre xml:space="preserve">
rsync -avz --delete /local/path/to/mirror

        You can also just do a <code>rsync</code>
        to get a list of rsync modules available.</p></li>


  <h2><a id="Iu" name="Iu">Inform us!</a></h2>
  <p><a href="#index">Goto</a> Index</p>

    Once the site is set up, send mail to
    <a href=""></a>
    to let us know it's been set
    up, and we'll add it to the list of mirrors.  Please be patient if
    it takes a little while to respond.</p>

    The mailing list for mirror maintainers can be joined by following
    the <a href=""
      >these instructions</a>.</p>

    Good luck!</p>

    <small>This document is a locally modified version of the one at the
      <a href="">Apache</a>
      web site.  We appreciate their work in
      writing such a document in the first place.</small></p>

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      <li>How <a href="#HtBaMotXFS">to</a> Become a Mirror of the XEmacs FTP Site</li>
      <li><a href="#R">Requirements</a></li>
      <li><a href="#MT">Mirroring</a> Techniques</li>
      <li><a href="#Iu">Inform us!</a></li>
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