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XEmacs 21.1.12 Changes 
Adrian Aichner <>
<h1>XEmacs 21.1.12 Changes</h1>

From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" &lt;;
Subject: Patch: NAS_LITTLE_ENDIAN [was: NAS related source code error?]
&lt;URL: <a href=""></a>&gt;

From: Torsten Duwe &lt;;
Subject: Security patches to 21.1.10
&lt;URL: <a href=""></a>&gt;

From: "Alastair J. Houghton" &lt;;
Subject: [EXPERIMENTAL PATCH] Make NT heap death more informative.
&lt;URL: <a href=""></a>&gt;

From: Adrian Aichner &lt;;
Subject: [PATCH 21.1] fix `insert-file-contents-literally' for `package-get'.
&lt;URL: <a href=""></a>&gt;

From: Gunnar Evermann &lt;;
Subject: [21.1 only] fix gdbinit's pobj
&lt;URL: <a href=""></a>&gt;
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