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XEmacs 21.1.6 binary kit for Windows
jsja reposting from xemacs-announce list
            	<h1>XEmacs 21.1.6 Windows binary kit release notice and download locations</h1>
	<p>The XEmacs team are proud to announce the availability of a
	self installing binary kit of XEmacs 21.1.6 for Microsoft

	<p>The kit is located at
	<a href=""></a> and all the	usual mirrors.</p>

	<p>There are some known problems with this xemacs binary on
	some MS Windows machines and we expect to release a 21.1.7 kit
	as soon as they are resolved. If the installer does not work
	for you then please sit tight until then.</p>

	<p> Many thanks to Phil Toland for putting together the
	<p>The XEmacs Team</p>