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XEmacs 21.2.40 Release
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                        <h1>XEmacs 21.2.40 Release</h1>
            <h2><a name="summary">Summary</a> of Changes to 21.2.40 "Persephone"</h2>
            <p>goto <a href="#changes">changes</a></p>
	    <li>various doc fixes -- Stephen Turnbull</li>
	    <li>more widget bug fixes -- Andy Piper</li>
	    <li>Introduce yet another hash table weakness type -- Andy Piper</li>
	    <li>SCO 5 fixes -- Golubev I. N.</li>
	    <li>SunOS 4 works again -- MIYASHITA Hisashi</li>
	    <li>Make peace with Mandrake's Alt-Meta hacks -- Stephen Turnbull</li>
	    <li>Remove input-method-xfs.o -- Kazuyuki IENAGA</li>
            <h2><a name="changes">ChangeLogs</a> for Release 21.2.40 "Persephone" of XEmacs</h2>
            <p>goto <a href="#summary">summary</a></p>
	    <li><a href="#lisp:ChangeLog">lisp/ChangeLog</a></li>
	    <li><a href="#lwlib:ChangeLog">lwlib/ChangeLog</a></li>
	    <li><a href="#man:ChangeLog">man/ChangeLog</a></li>
	    <li><a href="#src:ChangeLog">src/ChangeLog</a></li>
            <h2><a name="lisp:ChangeLog">lisp/ChangeLog</a></h2>
            <p>goto <a href="#changes">changes</a>, <a href="#summary">summary</a></p>
            <pre xml:space="preserve">

2001-01-06  Stephen J. Turnbull  &lt;;

	* mule/hebrew.el: Fix comments and typos.
	mule/japanese.el: Fix comments, typos, and 8-bit character encoding.

2001-01-06  Stephen J. Turnbull  &lt;;

	* ChangeLog.1: move ancient log from fill.el.

	* dump-paths.el:
	Miscellaneous typo fixes and slight doc clarifications.

	* mule/mule-ccl.el:  Correct file name in header.
            <h2><a name="lwlib:ChangeLog">lwlib/ChangeLog</a></h2>
            <p>goto <a href="#changes">changes</a>, <a href="#summary">summary</a></p>
            <pre xml:space="preserve">

2001-01-06  Martin Buchholz  &lt;;

	* lwlib-Xaw.c (xaw_creation_table): Make const.
	* lwlib-Xaw.h (xaw_creation_table): Make const.
	* lwlib-Xlw.c (xlw_creation_table): Make const.
	* lwlib-Xlw.h (xlw_creation_table): Make const.
	* lwlib-Xm.c (xm_creation_table): Make const.
	* lwlib-Xm.h (xm_creation_table): Make const.
	* lwlib.c (find_in_table): Use const.

2001-01-02  Andy Piper  &lt;;

	* lwlib.h (_widget_args): add args_changed. Necessary because we
	reference count args.

	* lwlib.c (lw_add_widget_value_arg): set args_changed flag.
	(merge_widget_value_args): mark as changed if args_changed is
	(update_all_widget_values): reset args_changed.
	(initialize_widget_instance): ditto.
            <h2><a name="man:ChangeLog">man/ChangeLog</a></h2>
            <p>goto <a href="#changes">changes</a>, <a href="#summary">summary</a></p>
            <pre xml:space="preserve">

2001-01-06  Stephen J. Turnbull  &lt;;

	* emodules.texi (Required Functions): Xref coding rules for dual-use
	modules (module and statically linked).  Typo fix.

	* texinfo.texi (ref):  Typo fix.
            <h2><a name="src:ChangeLog">src/ChangeLog</a></h2>
            <p>goto <a href="#changes">changes</a>, <a href="#summary">summary</a></p>
            <pre xml:space="preserve">

2001-01-06  Golubev I. N.  &lt;;

	* regex.c: Replace PREFETCH with REGEX_PREFETCH.

2001-01-06  Martin Buchholz  &lt;;

	* alloc.c (dbg_valmask): Make const.
	* alloc.c (dbg_typemask): Make const.
	* alloc.c (dbg_USE_UNION_TYPE): Make const.
	* alloc.c (dbg_valbits): Make const.
	* alloc.c (dbg_gctypebits): Make const.

2001-01-06  Stephen J. Turnbull  &lt;;

	* redisplay-x.c (x_bevel_area):
	redisplay.h (struct rune):
	Typo fixes in comments.

2001-01-05  Andy Piper  &lt;;

	* glyphs-x.c (x_redisplay_widget): use size changed for offset

	* menubar.c (menubar_visible_p_changed): don't mark frame changed.

2001-01-05  Martin Buchholz  &lt;;

	* alloc.c (pure-bytes-used): Remove unused mendacious variable.

	* mule-ccl.c (stack_idx_of_map_multiple):
	Non const global data must not be initialized!
	Found by MIYASHITA Hisashi.

2001-01-02  Andy Piper  &lt;;

	* frame.c (change_frame_size): make sure frame size is always
	marked as changed.

	* glyphs.c (image_instance_layout): minor code reuse.

	* window.c (Fcurrent_window_configuration): revert previous

2001-01-02  Martin Buchholz  &lt;;

	* glyphs.h:
	* glyphs.c (make_image_instance_cache_hash_table): Use ANSI prototypes.

2000-12-31  Andy Piper  &lt;;

	* glyphs-x.c (x_unmap_subwindow): return focus to enclosing frame
	when widget gets unmapped.

	* event-Xt.c (emacs_Xt_handle_widget_losing_focus): new
	function. Make sure widgets losing focus don't just drop it.
	(handle_focus_event_1): record the widget with focus.

2000-12-31  Andy Piper  &lt;;

	* window.c (allocate_window): use
	(make_dummy_parent): ditto.
	(Fset_window_configuration): ditto.

	* glyphs.h (INSTANTIATOR_TYPE): new macro.  declare new functions.

	* glyphs.c (process_image_string_instantiator): use
	(get_image_instantiator_governing_domain): ditto.
	(normalize_image_instantiator): ditto.
	(instantiate_image_instantiator): ditto.
	(make_image_instance_1): ditto.
	(image_instantiate): ditto. Key on glyph *and* instantiator type.
	(instantiator_eq_equal): new function for use with instance hash
	(instantiator_eq_hash): ditto.
	(make_image_instance_cache_hash_table): create a suitable hash
	table for storing image instances.

	* elhash.h (hash_table_weakness): new internal weakness type
	declare new functions.

	* elhash.c (finish_marking_weak_hash_tables): introduce yet
	another weakness type for glyphs.
	(make_standard_lisp_hash_table): new function split out from
	(make_lisp_hash_table): call make_standard_lisp_hash_table.
	(hash_table_instantiate): ditto.
	(Fmake_hash_table): ditto.