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To start with, this directory is private to the Release Manager pro
tem.  I plan to relax that in certain ways quickly, and will be open
to further relaxation upon request.  Please don't commit to it without
checking with me first.

All changes must be logged in ChangeLog.  This means you, Martin and
Yoshiki, including trivial typos.  CVS commit messages are optional.
For the moment, the ChangeLog also serves as the News file for
homepage updates.  Keep it synched.

The project pages will be used to keep project descriptions,
discussion, and status.  The format is standardized in the file
project.template, which is in the form of a genpage .content file.
Please synch project .content files to project.template changes
quickly and strictly.  Project pages are mostly listed under my
authorship, unless I'm pretty sure that the obvious candidate will be
taking over quickly.

Personal pages are used to keep developer-specific notes, in
particular projects not scheduled for release.  These should probably
be moved somewhere else, anyway.  Personal pages are named according
to your email id, if any.  Others may use whatever they
wish, as long as it doesn't conflict with an id.  The file
developer.template is analogous to project.template.  It is provided
for the convenience of people who don't care to think about format, or
who would like a common format for the sake of artistic harmony.