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Full commit
This file records noteworthy changes.

1.65 ()
* Many bug fixes.
* The operation of the previously broken << (FastBack) and >> (FastForward)
  buttons has changed slightly.  FastBack now returns to the beginning of the
  current chapter and FastForward now jumps to the beginning of the next

1.64 (July 3 2000)
* Incorporated first  version of Texi2html Texinfo manual, authored by
  Karl Heinz Marbaise <>
* New handling of command line options:
  - can be abbreviated to shortest unique prefix
  -help now works and is up-to-date

1.63 (June 23 2000)
* New customization variable: 
       if set (e.g., to index.html) replace hrefs to this file 
        (i.e., to index.html) by ./
* New command-line option:
  -toc_file FILE 
       for those who want the TOC to be in FILE
* bug fixes related to macro invocation 
1.62 (12 April 2000)
* New customization variables: 
   $T2H_SPLIT_INDEX [default: = 100]
     index pages are split at next letter, if more than that many entries
   $T2H_NODE_NAME_IN_MENU [default = 0]
      for enforcing node names in meny entries
   $T2H_AVOID_MENU_REDUNDANCY [default = 1]
      to avoid display of duplicate meny entry information
   $T2H_INDEX_CHAPTER [default = '']
      if set, use chapter of this name for 'Index' Button in
      navigation bars, else use first chapter whose name matches
      "index" (case insensitive).
   $T2H_TOP_HEADING [ default = '']
      if non-empty, and no heading is in Top node, then use this as heading
      for top node/section; otherwise, use @settitle, @shorttitle.
* index generation: observes typesetting in fixed-width font, @ftable, 
  @vtable implemented
* Peter Moulder & Teun Burgers: Misc documentation and distribution
* numerous small bugs fixed (handling of menu entries, paragraphs in
  lists/tables, etc).

1.61 (31 March 2000)
* By default, $T2H_TOP_FILE is not set, and so $docu_name.html is used.
* Added T2H_print_chapter_header, T2H_print_chapter_footer for more
  fine-grained control of T2H_SPLIT eq 'chapter', added option
  -section_navigation, $T2H_SECTION_NAVIGATION to supress output of
  navigation panels per section
* naming scheme and calling convention of customizable subs changed:
  prefix T2H_, call &$T2H_, assignment $T2H_<name> = \&T2H_DEFAULT_<name>
* mailinglist created:
* conversion to standard gnu package with, README,
  AUTHORS, etc. (Peter Moulder  <>) 
* Initialization as suggested by Peter Moulder:
   1. /usr/local/etc/texi2htmlrc (or whatever given by --sysconfdir to
   2. $HOME/.texi2htmlrc
   3. command-line options, including -init_file
  where later options override previous ones.
* incoporated patches from Peter Moulder (backward-compatible
  command-line options, separate man-page, etc).
* Automatic node pointer creation added
* @enddots, @exclamdown, @pounds, and relatives added.

Major Changes from 1.58 to 1.60 
* primitve foreign language support
* support of all "Umlaute"
* anchors, macros
* latex2html incooperation
* customizable page layout (texi2html.init)
* index as table with corresponding sections