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How to become a mirror of the XEmacs FTP site
the Apache group
Andrew J Cosgriff
<h1>How to Become a Mirror of the XEmacs FTP Site</h1>

<p>If you are in a part of the world which seems poorly served by our
existing mirror sites, we would encourage you to set up a local mirror
of the FTP site for you and others in your part of the
world to use.  So that others may find it, we'll list it on our <a
href="index.html" shape="rect">mirrors</a> page.</p>


<p>We have a few requirements for those wishing to run a mirror:</p>

	    <li><p>You must carry the complete site, with no "local"

	    <li><p>You must do an update-check at least twice a week.</p></li>

	    <li><p>You must subscribe to the <a
	    href="" shape="rect">mailing
  list</a> for mirror maintainers.</p></li>

<p>More requirements may be placed at some point in the future, but
for now that's all there is.</p>

<p>Also note that :</p>

	    <li><p>The FTP site is approximately 1.7 gigabytes at the time of
  writing (January 2001).</p></li>

	    <li><p>We highly recommend that you run your mirroring software
  between midnight and 4am US Eastern Standard Time (4am-8am GMT),
  when traffic to is at its lowest.</p></li>

<h2>Mirroring Techniques</h2>

<p>There are a couple different ways to mirror the XEmacs web site.
Here is the list of ways we make available, in order of decreasing


	    <li><p>Use rsync.  You can find details on rsync at <a
	    href="" shape="rect"></a>.  To mirror
the XEmacs website, you could use something like :</p>

<pre xml:space="preserve">rsync -avz --delete /local/path/to/mirror</pre>

<p>You can also just do a <code>rsync</code> to get a
list of rsync modules available.</p>

<p>You may also wich to read the <a
mirroring howto and FAQ</a>.</p></li>

	    <li><p>You can use the popular FTP <a
	    href="" shape="rect">mirror</a> packge.  A
suggested configuration for this is :</p>

<pre xml:space="preserve">


<h2>Inform us!</h2>

<p>Once the site is set up, send mail to <a
href="" shape="rect"></a> to let us
know it's been set up, and we'll add it to the list of mirrors.
Please be patient if it takes a little while to respond.</p>

<p>The mailing list for mirror maintainers can be joined by following
the <a href=""

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p><small>This document is a locally modified version of the one at
the <a href=""
web site.  We appreciate their work in writing such a document in the
first place.</small></p>