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XEmacs development team

john s jacobs anderson, stealing content from the FAQ


	<H1>Who wrote XEmacs?</h1>

	<P>XEmacs is the result of the time and effort of many people.

	<h2>21.x releases</h2>
	<P>In alphabetical order:

	  <LI><A HREF="">Steve Baur</A>
	  <LI><A HREF="">Martin Buchholz</A>
	  <LI><A HREF="">Olivier Galibert</A>
	  <li><a href="">Jonathan Harris</a>
	  <LI><A HREF="">Jareth Hein</A>
	  <LI><A HREF="">Kyle Jones</A>
	  <LI><A HREF="">Kirill Katsnelson</A>
	  <LI><A HREF="">Hrvoje Niksic</A>
	  <li><a href="">Andy Piper</a>
	  <LI><A HREF="">Michael Sperber</A>

	<p><a href="Develop/otherDev.html">And many other contributors...</a>
	<h2>19.16/20.x releases</h2>
	<P>In alphabetical order:

	  <LI><A HREF="">Steve Baur</A>
	      <br><img src="Images/steve.jpg" width="119" height="142"
	      alt="Portrait of Steve Baur"><br>
	  <LI><A HREF="">Martin Buchholz</A>
	      <br><img src="Images/mrb.jpeg" width="110" heigth="131"
	      alt="Portrait of Martin Buchholz"><br>
	  <LI><A HREF="">Hrvoje Niksic</A>
	      <br><img src="Images/hniksic.jpeg" width="111"
	      width="126" alt="Portrait of Hrvoje Niksic"><br>
	  <LI><A HREF="">Alvin Shelton</A>
	      <br><img src="Images/alvin.jpeg" width="151" height="170"
	      alt="Portrait of Alvin Shelton"><br>

	<h2>19.14 release</h2>

	<p>In chronologic order:

	  <LI><A HREF="">Chuck Thompson</A>
	      <br><img src="Images/cthomp.jpeg" width="120" height="120"
	      alt="Portrait of Chuck Thompson"><br>
	      Chuck was Mr. XEmacs from 19.11 through 19.14, and is responsible
	      for XEmacs becoming a widely distributed program over the Internet.
	  <LI><A HREF="">Ben Wing</A>
	      <br><img src="Images/wing.jpg" width="120" height="120"
	      alt="Portrait of Ben Wing"><br>
	  <LI><A HREF="">Jamie Zawinski</A>
	      <br><img src="Images/jwz.jpg" width="120" height="120"
	      alt="Portrait of Jamie Zawinski"><br>
	      Jamie Zawinski was Mr. Lucid Emacs from 19.0 through 19.10, the last
	      release actually named Lucid Emacs.  Richard Mlynarik was crucial to
	      most of those releases.
	  <LI><A HREF="">Richard Mlynarik</A>

	<P>Along with many other contributors, partially enumerated in
	the <strong>`About XEmacs'</strong> option in the <strong>Help</strong> menu of XEmacs.

	<p><b>Source:</b> <a href="FAQ/">FAQ</a> item 1.2.1