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Summary of 21.2.27 Changelog
john s jacobs anderson,
reposting from xemacs-beta 
<h1>Summary of 21.2.27 Changelog</h1>

<p>As posted on the xemacs-beta mailing list, here is a brief summary
of the changes in the recent 21.2.27 "Hera" release. Please see the Changelog
in the tarball for a list of detailed changes.</p>

<li>Dynamic layout for widgets from Andy Piper
<li>config.sub, config.guess major upgrade, Marcus Thiessel
<li>gdbinit renamed to .gdbinit
<li>dbxrc renamed to .dbxrc
<li>Mail locking overhaul, Michael Sperber
<li>Info-visit-file can now be used non-interactively, Martin Buchholz
<li>FAQ updates, Sandra Wambold
<li>Document lisp-level error handling, Hrvoje Niksic
<li>Windows changes, Kirill Katsnelson
<li>Portable dumper ported to Windows, Kirill Katsnelson
<li>idlwave-mode added, Carsten Dominik
<li>Info changes, Yoshiki Hayashi and Didier Verna.
<li>Again support BSD/OS 2.0
<li>minibuf.* changes, Yoshiki Hayashi
<li>hyper-apropos changes, Yoshiki Hayashi
<li>buffers tab has its own face, Andy Piper
<li>modeline scrolling changes, Didier Verna